Interested in Boarding

Interested in Boarding

Interested in Boarding?

St Hilda’s boarders enjoy the best of both worlds: a wonderfully secure and friendly ‘home’ and a modern school where every girl may discover the enjoyment of learning with others. Boarding is available from Years 6 to 12 with a mix of local, country and international students sharing modern facilities in new or refurbished boarding precincts. If you are interested in boarding for your daughter, please follow the links below.



Boarding Enquiries

Mrs Laura Halverson
(07) 5577 7232
email me

Boarding Scholarships

As part of our commitment to nurturing the talents of individual students, St Hilda’s School offers scholarships and bursaries each year to Australian and Resident students entering Years 6 to 11. Scholarships and Bursaries provide part remission of tuition fees or boarding fees. Students wanting to experience boarding and St Hilda’s Character and Leadership development opportunities and who can demonstrate academic excellence in scholarship testing, are encouraged to apply for a Boarding Bursary. Each year, St Hilda’s School awards three bursaries, each offering up to 50 per cent remission on boarding fees, to students living in remote areas of rural Queensland and New South Wales (more than 600km from the Gold Coast).

Year 6 Foundation Boarding

Foundation Boarding in Year 6 is the first step in ensuring your daughter will make a smooth transition to secondary school boarding and grow and develop her character in a caring and supportive environment. Year 6 boarders are welcomed to St Hilda’s campus and guided every step of the way by a dedicated FoundationFoundation Boarding ‘mum’. Warmth, care and experience are offered at every turn, from morning wake-up to lights out, by the same friendly face, Monday to Friday. A packed morning tea and lunch and an escorted walk across the campus to class or music practice or sports training are all part of St Hilda’s nurturing approach for Foundation Boarders.

The physical environment of Foundation Boarding provides the ideal framework for a happy home environment and easy communication between parents and their daughters. The warm and colourful McCulloch House, overlooking a quiet courtyard, enables Foundation Boarders to sleep side-by-side in private cubicles, yet retaining the security and camaraderie of a dormitory setting. The Year 6 girls have access to a private recreation area or common room for television and games, supervised by their boarding ‘mum’. Our boarding ‘mum’ joins our young Foundation Boarders for their breakfast and dinner, accompanies them to evening Chapel every Wednesday and caters for the girls’ every need from laundry to selecting uniforms from the on-campus shop.

St Hilda’s@Home Free Online Program

Girls who choose Foundation Boarding are offered a unique opportunity to begin their St Hilda’s life and learning in Year 5. St Hilda’s@Home is an amazing free, online platform that enables girls and their parents to make important connections:

  • Connections with an academic Foundation Boarding staff member who will offer curriculum guidance prior to commencement
  • Connections with Year 5 girls to nurture new friendships
  • Connections with your Foundation Boarding ‘mum’ who will answer all those early questions associated with enrolling in a new boarding school

Connecting Our Community

St Hilda’s School has a strong history of association with regional Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Connections with our regionally-based Alumni, past parents and families of current students are highly valued. For more information and dates contact: Head of Community Ms Margie McGregor or 07-5577 7255.

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