Global Learning

Global Learning

Global Learning

St Hilda’s School offers opportunities for students to experience a range of educational and real-life adventures in Australia and around the globe. Australia’s largest exchange program, language exchanges, World Challenge, national and international conferences enable our students to travel and see the world!

2017 Exchange Program – Outgoing Students

Please find below Application Forms for the 2017 International Exchange Program. First round applications for 2017 Exchanges have now closed. Please submit second round applications by 24 February 2017.

2017 Exchange Program – Incoming Students

Please find below Enrolment Forms for incoming Exchange Students. All incoming Exchange Students must complete an Enrolment and Student Health Record Form. Only students who will be residing in the Boarding House need to complete the Boarders’ Commencement Form.

Exchange Programs

St Hilda’s is committed to developing relationships with other schools, universities and businesses to help the school achieve its objectives for Character and Leadership Development. The Year 10 Exchange Program is seen as an important addition to our academic program. Participation in exchange broadens the horizons of students, helps them to grow as individuals, develop new global awareness and make new friends. St Hilda’s School exchanges with schools in Argentina, Canada, England, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and the United States.

About World Challenge – St Hilda’s Successful programs 2009, 2001, 2013 and 2015

The 22 St Hilda’s School girls who participated in World Challenge 2015, said the trip became something more than just an overseas expedition. It was hardship and happiness, new encounters and new understandings, foreign lands and friendly faces – all bound together by the bonds and memories formed halfway around the world. Costa Rica and Nicaragua provided a unique cultural experience accompanied by diverse customs and cuisines. The girls whole-heartedly immersed themselves in the deliciously cheap food, the trekking, project work and recreation time.

Many of the students had joined World Challenge in the hope of personally providing aid to a community in need overseas. In raising approximately US$6000, and being physically involved in the use of funds, the students learnt about the adversities of making a difference. Even though only so much could be done for the two communities with the limited manpower and time, it was an eye-opening experience in how determination and labouring for a good cause really can make a difference to a person’s standard of living.

Another hard but rewarding experience, was trekking through unfamiliar environments; enduring the difficult climbs and constant sweating, to then be rewarded with the most extraordinary views. However, being able to relax had been some of the most memorable moments of the expedition.  Together, we experienced some amazing adventures, such as boarding down a volcano, visiting unreal waterfalls or even taking a sailboat out for a day. The teams also frequented cathedrals, went to beaches where the water was as warm as the air, ate and danced with the locals and soaked up the culture when exploring the different towns.

Yes, World Challenge could, at times, be very taxing and test a person’s patience; however, ultimately, all the girls walked away with some of the most unforgettable, shared memories and irreplaceable life experiences.

International Women’s Breakfast

Representatives from St Hilda’s School attended Gold Coast Women in Business Breakfast this year as they celebrated International Women’s Day.  The Senior Prefects Courtney Withers and Emma van der Schyff were given the opportunity to speak on the topic: As a young woman, a leader and an achiever – what advice can you give to ‘Be The Change’ as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2016.

Courtney: “Good Morning distinguished guests, friends and women of the Gold Coast. I would like to welcome you here today, as we join in the celebration of what it means to be a woman; the uniqueness of our own power and influence. As leaders of an all girl’s school, at the forefront of innovation and technology, it is our mission this year to inspire the students to believe in their own capabilities, and the idea that they can “be the change.”

Emma: Often we are brought down by the pessimists around us, we are told not to try for a certainty that we will fail. And so we get caught up in this mentality; often failing to realise that we are great and that we are capable. This year we have challenged the girls with the idea of being the change, making their mark in the school and the belief that they can even make a difference in the world. We as women are endlessly capable, able to pursue anything that we wish to endeavor. And it is with this belief that we as individuals and women as a collective can inspire change within our communities. Furthermore, I believe that change does not always have to be an individual effort that often the most remarkable things happen when multiple minds are at work. Often people say that power comes in numbers, but I say that progress comes in teams. We meet here today as not a group, but as team, a team of confident women ready to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world.

Courtney: As we celebrate International Women’s day today, I believe it is important to recognize, that the ability to make a change is always a matter of choice. My older sister, Caitlyn, a woman far wiser than the twenty two years it states on her driver’s license, once said to me, “Courtney, life is like a game of chess. There are only two players, but so many pieces. In life it’s the same, I suppose we all have to decide: Are we going to be a player or are we going to be a piece?” I believe that the girls at the school, the young women in our community and our gender in the world is capable of breaking from the confines of traditions. The world has changed, and all of us must take up the charge of changing along with it. As I look around today, I see inspiring women who have done just that, now role models and idols for younger girls. This year, we have tried to inspire the girls to look with perspective on their lives, to acknowledge their capabilities and seize the opportunities before them. It is evident that we all have the power to be the game changers, but first we must all play the game.”




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