Ignite a spark; fan the flame

We believe that every girl who experiences life in the Junior School is imbued with a passion for learning that is sparked by innovative, purposeful and challenging learning opportunities. She will be able to express her opinions confidently and have the humility and compassion to respect the views of others. The development of effective critical and creative thinking skills, the ability to solve problems in a resilient manner and to use information technology to enrich her learning will continue to be of benefit to her throughout her life. Whilst being supported to give of her best at all times and to take responsibility for her own learning, she will discover that personal effort and a positive attitude are key contributing factors to a successful outcome.  She will be encouraged to make strong connections across the School and wider community, recognising the need to establish fulfilling relationships and to nurture these with grace and respect.

Each of the girls at St Hilda’s Junior School is unique, with individual talents to be nurtured. She brings with her many hopes and aspirations which will contribute towards shaping her future. Our curriculum program and the dedication displayed by every teacher reflects our desire to support each girl through the formative years of her education, to provide opportunities for her to achieve her personal best in academic, sporting, musical and cultural arenas as well as assisting her to realise her dreams. Fanning the inner sparks of possibility leads to flames of achievement.

Using the Australian Curriculum as the basis of our teaching in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS), Technologies and Science and providing an extensive and well-developed specialist curriculum program, the girls undertake studies in the following learning areas:

Preparatory: English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS), Science, Technologies, French, Visual Art, Music, Library, Health and Physical Education, Gymnastics and Religious Education.

Years 1 – 6: English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS), Science, Technologies, French, Drama (Years 2-6), Visual Art, Music, Instrumental Music (from Year 3), Library, Health and Physical Education and Religious Education. Additionally, girls in Years 1 and 2 participate in Chess lessons, Years 3-6 STEAM Project and Year 6 girls also study Japanese.




Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace