Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student Leadership


Learning to Lead

We believe it is the right of every student to develop a sense of self-worth through positive and appropriate leadership opportunities. Student leadership is about involving students in a purposeful and meaningful way to extend and use their individual gifts and talents. A culture of leadership is encouraged through leadership positions that are structured to allow a number of girls to experience positions of responsibility and develop the skills needed to carry out these tasks in an effective manner. Leadership opportunities in the Middle School emphasise service to others, teamwork, taking initiative and developing responsibility. These may also arise through the co-curricular program including sport and cultural activities, the outdoor education program, community service activities as well as election to student leadership roles.

As girls grow in independence and maturity, so too, do opportunities to develop leadership skills. In the Middle School the program begins with the individual and broadens to the community. In Year 7 the focus is on responsibility and independence, in Year 8 on self-awareness and identity and in Year 9 on developing resilience and a sense of community.

Students are introduced to the concept of leadership and what this means through discussions and activities with their peers and the HOYs. The program follows an established process for leadership education, selection, induction and student action. These activities are aimed at developing an appreciation of what leadership is, by recognising the skills, attitudes, behaviours and values that they need as leaders. The Middle School supports the notion of shared leadership responsibilities and clearly articulates individual and group roles and responsibilities._dsf0008

2017 Year 9 Student Leadership Team

Student Council Representatives:
Elizabeth Slater and Edwina Thomson

Sports Leaders:
Sophie Coleman and Alexandra Rutherford

House Leaders:
Banksia: Sasha Ingall and Brooke Murakami
Karragaroo: Anna Eddy and Violet Todd
Melaleuca: Annabelle Layt and Aisja Thompson

House Representatives
: Year 7 – Jaz Ingall; Year 8 – Arrabella Oates
Karragaroo: Year 7 – Sascha Noort; Year 8 – Rylee Boyd
Melaleuca: Year 7 – Zarli Dickinson; Year 8 – Isabella Donovan

Year Level Representatives
Year 9
– 9L Anna Lythgo; 9M Sophie Young; 9S Rosie Mayne; 9H Angelina Brunskill; 9B Kate Cowan
Year 8 – 8C Katya Ewing, 8E Alisha Kennedy, 8G Ysabella Furnell, 8N Diana Zonneveld, 8S Elle Bentley
Year 7 – 7C Remi Long, 7H Emma Chandler, 7K Grace Hocart, 7M Zara Leinster, 7Y Harriett Irving 

Academic Mentors
Bridget Caskey, Shakira Coldwell, Ella Fitzpatrick, Rosemary Jackson, Bristie Lathouras, Natsha Nair 

Honour Guard
Angelina Brunskill, Cara Cartisano, Yumna Hameed, Mikayla Jervis, Rose Mayne, Lucia McCathy, Charlotte McClintock, Jemima Powell, Molly Raff, Airlie Robinson 

Middle School Committees
Creative Connections
– Kate Cowan, Maeve Dougherty, Chloe Robinson, Ai Tomioka
Environment Committee – Emily Elliot, Sigrid Mackenzie, Rosie Mayne, Abigail McLean
Media Group – Stella Cole, Carmen Jansen van Vuuren, Leilani Leon, Laura Seeto, Sophie Young
Cultural Connections – Amelia Chapman, Aaisha Karim, Alisha More, Sophia Tran 

Middle School leadership positions available to students

Year 7

  • Student Council Representative
  • Year Level Representative
  • House Representative
  • Buddy
  • Chapel Warden

Year 8

  • Student Council Representative
  • Year Level Representative
  • House Representative
  • Middle Sister
  • Buddy
  • Chapel Warden

Year 9

  • Student Council Representative
  • House Leader
  • Sports Leader
  • Year Level Representative
  • Student Ambassador
  • Honour Guard
  • Buddy
  • Student Academic Mentor
  • Committees: Cultural Connections, Creative Connections, Media Group, Environment

Middle School Assembly

Middle School Assembly gives students and staff an opportunity to come together as a community so that we can share in each other’s accomplishments and celebrate the gifts and talents of our girls. Student led assemblies are an important part of the Middle School culture as they provide are an avenue for leadership through valuable learning experiences for the girls. The Year 9 Leadership Team are encouraged to play an active role in the planning, preparation and presenting of the assemblies, thereby giving them a platform for positive contribution to the tone of the Middle School as well as providing role models for other students.

Focus Weeks

In the Middle School we strive to foster a culture of community service and involvement. The School’s motto, Non Nobis Solum – Not for Ourselves Alone, echoes through the community spirit of the projects undertaken by the Middle School. Students explore the meaning of different values through focus weeks and undertake to identify and tackle issues through a range of activities that raise awareness and can make a difference to both individuals and communities.

Students examine concepts of community through two levels of involvement. There is the team within which they work and learn – interacting with each other and their teacher as they work on a project builds strong relationships and a sense of group identity. There is also the community that the students serve. As they work to help their school, people and places near and far, they develop a relationship with that community and a sense of belonging. Involving students in community service projects teaches them more about the diverse world in which they live, as well as helping them to develop compassion and understanding, and a sense of civic responsibility.

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