Learning additional languages widens horizons, broadens cognitive and cultural experience, develops communicative and intercultural competence and opens up new perspectives for the learners. The students at St Hilda’s School are offered the languages of French and Japanese. Learning any one of these languages extends, diversifies and enriches learner’s cognitive, social and linguistic development.

Sophie Renwick Year 8 Japanese

Airlie Robinson Year 8 Japanese

By studying a language, the main key competency areas include:

  • Collecting, analysing and organising information
  • Communicating ideas and information
  • Planning and organising activities
  • Working with others and in teams
  • Solving problems
  • Using technology

Language classes begin in Pre-Prep and it is possible to continue with your chosen language through to Year 12. All language classes are taught by native or ‘near’ native-level speakers of the languages. All Languages staff have had significant in-country experience. This allows them to discuss first-hand the cultural differences that may exist between the country of study.

In the classroom, the students are exposed to a variety of teaching styles that challenge and inspire the student to do their best. The use of technology is included in Language activities.

Students are encouraged to participate in many external competitions. These may range from regional competitions to internationally-conducted examinations. The students enjoy the opportunity to compete against their peers in the local and Queensland speech, poster and media competitions and the national language certificates.

During the term and holiday periods, the girls are encouraged to participate in the active exchange program. These programs include such opportunities as a two-week cultural tour; one-month, three- month or six-month exchanges to Europe and Japan. In Japan, we have a strong sister school arrangement with Hakata Girls’ School and Mukogawa Junior and Senior High School.



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