2021 Student Leaders <BR> and School Captain's Speech

2021 Student Leaders
and School Captain's Speech

2021 Student Leaders
and School Captain’s Speech

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School Captain Addressing Assembly

At our 2021 Student Leadership Induction on Wednesday 7 October, Nyah Bollinger addressed the School for the first time as 2021 School Captain.

Nyah has been a St Hilda’s girl since Pre-Prep, and will spend her final year as a student as a School Leader alongside Head Day Girl Jemima Robertson, Head Boarder Clementine Sweetland, School Sports Captain Rylee Boyd, and our Prefects. Below is Nyah’s speech for you to enjoy.

Congratulations to our Student Leaders for 2021.  

“Good Morning Mrs. Lauman, distinguished guests, members of staff, friends and family of St Hilda’s school and – of course – the beautiful young women who sit in front of me today.

Firstly, let me express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity I have been given, and thank the outgoing prefects for their inspiring leadership over the past year. Additionally, a big congratulations to the new leaders, I am so excited for our year ahead.

Flicking through 14 years of memories at this school; from morning tea in Pre-Prep to our first ever set of monkey bars, from handwriting lessons to participating in our first ever school carnival – and from Junior School, to Middle School, to today – where I stand before you as one very proud St Hilda’s girl.

After one of the most unforeseen years, the body of students standing before me represents everything that makes St Hilda’s so special. Compassion, kindness – and – just as importantly: grit and determination. We don’t let our heads hang, we overcome the bad – and continue to push forward, to whatever we want to achieve in life.

It is this fighting spirit I want everyone to find in themselves. Whether it be in music, academics, or sport, push that little bit harder, and find your true potential.

A coach once told me she didn’t like the word, “potential” much. She noted that it fundamentally means you have the abilities and means to do so, but you’re just not doing it.

So, I say – let’s change “potential” to “reality”. Put simply: DO IT. Put yourself out there, don’t give up too easily, believe in what you are truly capable of, and go for it!

Of course, there are no guarantees, and we don’t always win – or reach every dream goal. But! I assure you: You will see improvement!

If I asked you last year if you’d like to spend half of a term away from the classroom, at home, without any face-to-face contact, you would have laughed – and politely declined.

But, we did it! And we did it well! A global pandemic is an extreme way to work things out, but, by being pushed out of our comfort zones we reveal our true potential. Growing as a person and finding that grit and fight within you to keep on going.

Whatever you chose to do in school and life, keep that spirit alive. Keep pushing, find your limits, and once you’ve reached them, take another step. Set new goals. Take risks. If you fail, try again. And to the wise words of Mr. Steve Jobs, “Those who just get by, will be forgotten. But those who are not afraid to fail – and get back up on their feet – are those who will succeed.”

Thank you.”
Nyah Bollinger

Senior Prefects:

  • School Captain: Nyah Bollinger
  • Head Daygirl: Jemima Robertson
  • Head Boarder: Clementine Sweetland
  • School Sports Captain: Rylee Boyd
  • Banksia House Captain: Abbey Porter
  • Banksia House Sports Captain: Petra Dalle Cort
  • Karragaroo House Captain: Tasha Sheppard
  • Karragaroo House Sports Captain: Mia Abela
  • Melaleuca House Captain: Alana Li
  • Melaleuca House Sports Captain: Isabella Donovan


  • Pip Bassingthwaighte
  • Isabella Briggs
  • Amelya Brooks
  • Korcula Cowan
  • Grace Crowther
  • Alexis Cunington
  • Kate Hemming
  • Emily Knoesen
  • Madeleine McClintock
  • Georgia Morris
  • Halle Mudimu
  • Isabella Nott
  • Arrabella Oates
  • Atputha Rahavan
  • Harriett Richards
  • Natalie Shaw
  • Hikaru Tsuji
  • Sophee Watson
  • Aimee Webb
  • Olivia Wright
Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace