2022 Student Leaders and School Captain's Speech

2022 Student Leaders and School Captain's Speech

2022 Student Leaders and School Captain’s Speech

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At our 2022 Student Leadership Induction on Wednesday 6 October, Remi Long addressed the School for the first time as 2022 School Captain.

Remi will spend her final year at St Hilda’s School as School Captain, alongside Head Day Girl Poppy-Jane Todd, Head Boarder Saskia Billson, and School Sports Captain Kenina Murtagh.
Congratulations to our Student Leaders for 2022.

Below is Remi’s speech for you to enjoy.

“Good morning Ms Lauman, distinguished guests, parents, staff, and girls. My name is Remi Long, and I am honoured to have been appointed your School Captain for 2022.

Firstly, I’ve got to say it’s a great view from out the front here. I can see all the Year Sevens, all the way back to the parents, way back there, and it’s so encouraging to see so many of you here to support us.

When I look into the crowd today, I see a culmination of bright and beautiful minds, incredible athletes, musicians, and artists. I see those excited and eager to start Term 4, and those not so much. I see caring friends, sisters, and role models. You girls are the heart of our St Hilda’s community and as your School Captain, it is with great privilege that I say I hope to serve you. And I hope to do you proud.

In this role, my priority is to encourage and nurture you, the wonderful girls that make up our thriving school. To you girls, it is my hope to give, support, and uplift you in every facet of School life. Because you are what make St Hilda’s as talented, enthusiastic, and successful as we are.

The sentiment behind our school motto, Non Nobis Solum, Not for Ourselves Alone, is ingrained in every facet of life here and is exemplified in the theme of servant leadership. Such unconditional selflessness, compassion, and generosity are ideas that I, along with the other prefects hope to echo. As a part of your Leadership Team, I endeavour to establish an open relationship between the Prefects and student body.

We, along with teachers and staff, are your first port of call. We hope you feel comfortable coming to ask for advice or help because we have sat exactly where you are now sitting, and it is more than likely that we have faced and overcome very similar challenges. When met with these inevitable challenges throughout your schooling experience, I hope you are not disheartened, yet learn to perceive challenge as an opportunity rather than a buffer, as a chance to prove your work ethic and determination.

As your Leaders, we understand it takes a degree of vulnerability to ask for help or put your hand up when something isn’t right. But instead of viewing this vulnerability as a weakness or detriment, I urge you all to view vulnerability as courage. The courage it takes to step up, the courage it takes to speak out, and the courage to forge change. The belief that views challenge as opportunity and vulnerability as courage is a sentiment I hope to embody as your School Captain. Because in this role, it is not my job to lead from the top, but to understand and connect with those I have the privilege of serving.  

On this journey of servant leadership, I hope that you all come along with me. And by that, I mean to take on a degree of leadership and ownership yourselves. I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase, ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, which describes a desire for what we do not have with the implication that it is inherently superior, almost wishing that we could get to that ‘other side’. Instead of simply sitting back complacently and wishing for a different situation, I want you girls to redirect that thinking with me.

Instead, let’s make the grass greener where we water it. So, if you want the school community to be more aware of something, more supportive of a certain endeavour, or more involved in a given area, I urge you all, with the support of myself and our Prefects, to take initiative in enacting such change. I urge you all to be the pioneers of your happiness and success here.

Each day, as we walk through those school gates and get a gentle nudge from Ms Brodar or Father Patrick to remember our hats, we are presented with an opportunity for self-improvement, a chance to make today better than the last. So, in 2022, I hope you can work alongside me as we strive for betterment and excellence in our School community. Let’s stop yearning for the supposedly greener grass on the other side, and let’s take initiative to the love the ground we’re standing on.”

Remi Long
2022 School Captain

2022 Senior Prefects

School Captain Remi Long
Head Day Girl Poppy-Jane Todd
Head Boarder Saskia Billson
School Sports Captain Kenina Murtagh
Banksia House Captain Te’a Leaver
Banksia House Sports Captain Anya Jayasekera
Karragaroo House Captain Zara Leinster
Karragaroo House Sports Captain Kayla McMah
Melaleuca House Captain Remi Dittmar
Melaleuca House Sports Captain Sienna Shen
2022 Prefects
Natalie Brown Maeve McBratney
Elysha Cunningham Eliza Mitchell
Sofia Dakin Abbie Pratt
Lucinda Dougherty Jaye Radel
Mia Harvey Holly Ryan
Arabella-Rose Henderson Lauren Scott
Claudia Jacob Amber Tsang
Isabella Lee Caitlin Wood



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