From the Principal - 22 November 2018

From the Principal - 22 November 2018

From the Principal – 22 November 2018

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The final weeks of School have seen many very special milestones, graduations, awards and prayers. We have celebrated the many wonderful ways in which girls have contributed to our community. I would like to commend the work of our staff, both teaching and non-teaching, and thank them for their dedication and generous attitudes. Their commitment to the girls shines through in the beauty of the grounds and buildings, the organisation of special events and the buzz in every classroom. I would also like to thank all our families for their generous support in 2018.

We look forward to the varied end of year celebrations that occur across the School. The end of year concert in the Chapel given by our beautiful Pre-Prep girls is always a highlight. Their celebration of Christmas brings joy to everyone who witnesses it. The Junior School Christmas Concert is another highlight of the festive season with much fun and laughter shared. I would like to thank Year 6 for all they have contributed to the Junior School this year. They began the year full of enthusiasm, ready to take on their role as leaders of the Junior School and they have concluded as enthusiastically as they began. They have well embraced Non Nobis Solum in all their activities. We look forward to welcoming them to Middle School in 2019.

Our Middle School is also enjoying a number of special programs and events at the end of the school year. I would like to thank Year 9 for the ways in which they have provided focus and opportunities for service. They have inspired their peers to ‘Fire Up’ and ‘Be Memorable’ and have led and delivered a number of wonderful community-building events.

Our Boarding community enjoyed a brilliant Christmas dinner with lots of music, wonderful food and extra helpings of Christmas cheer. Our Boarders have celebrated their community in so many ways over the last few weeks, and I know that despite their enthusiasm to go home for the Christmas break, they will miss the special bonds they have in boarding while they are away.

I would like to pay tribute to Year 11 who have demonstrated their willingness to step up as our most senior girls. Our new Student Leaders have begun their roles with great enthusiasm and I have no doubt that they will be wonderful role models. The upcoming Presentation Ball is a really special moment to celebrate the potential they bring to our community.

Finally, as a community we have farewelled our Class of 2018 and we wish them all the very best for their future. We thank them for their good humour, their energy and their care for one another.  We will welcome our newest alumni back to school for an afternoon tea early Term 1 and look forward to formally connecting them with our Old Girls’ Association.

As our Year 12 girls were planning to leave school, Michelle Obama’s memoir was released, entitled, ‘Becoming’. This interesting title made me pause and think about our girls and their journeys. The title of the autobiography suggests a work in progress, an unfinished journey, a step along the way. It seems ironic that a woman who has already attained many of the hallmarks of importance in our modern world would see her own story as a work in progress. Obama encourages us to think about the ways in which our experiences can transform our sense of self, and how we can embrace our past, present and future to really ‘become’ ourselves.

I challenge each of our girls to consider who they are ‘becoming’ and how each stage of their journey through St Hilda’s will be contributing to their own life story. We never finish the wonderful process of ‘becoming’ and the end of each year is a really good time to pause and consider what we have learnt, created and shared as part of our ‘becoming’ process. I encourage every girl to take all of the challenges, joys, achievements, disappointments, and opportunities that have been their experience this year and think about the ways in which they are being transformed.

Romans 12, Verse 2 says: ‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ Part of this ‘becoming’ process is the ability to open our minds to a spiritual dimension that can open up a richness well beyond the here and now. Christmas reminds us of the Christian gospel with its message of love and grace. I pray that each of our families can take time to consider the message of Jesus this Christmas and see something of the beauty and joy in which it presents.

I wish all our families a safe and joyful Christmas break.

Dr Julie Wilson Reynolds

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace