The Athena Program

The Athena Program

St Hilda’s Athena Program

An innovative, flexible approach to helping girls dream and achieve.

St Hilda’s is passionate about inspiring women and we’ve been doing this successfully for more than a century. The Athena Program is the culmination of this passion and our commitment to supporting creativity, individuality and personal achievement.

We believe that with the right framework, our students can succeed in both academic and extra-curricular pursuits. In fact, St Hilda’s has cultivated the highest standards in teaching, boarding and pastoral care from Pre-Preparatory to Year 12.

The Athena Program is an extension of this outstanding care, providing girls with a supportive environment where they can follow their passions while receiving an education customised to their needs.

In particular, St Hilda’s has committed to providing tailored support for those girls who are pursuing their dreams in elite sport, cultural endeavours or innovative programs. By working with families to offer a flexible timetable and curriculum for girls with unique extra-curricular commitments, we ensure our students can remain connected to their education and the St Hilda’s community throughout their schooling years. Equally, the Athena Program enables the St Hilda’s community to remain connected with the students, to share and learn from their experiences, and to celebrate their achievements.

Athena offers:

  • Consultation with parents/carers to assess your daughter’s unique schooling needs
  • Personalised learning plans developed to make schooling sustainable
  • Additional pastoral care and support provided to Athena students
  • Ongoing collaboration and flexibility for families, to ensure curriculum delivery and schooling commitments are balanced and accessible
  • Additional resources and support upon request.

“Athena empowers girls with exceptional sports or arts commitments to pursue their goals by offering a new level of customised learning options designed to suit their schedule.”

For more information about the Athena Program:

Lisa Cleverly
Director of Pre-Preparatory and Head of Athena
07 5577 7378

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