Almost PERFECT with Language Perfect

Almost PERFECT with Language Perfect

Almost PERFECT with Language Perfect

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There have been two hotly-contested competitions for students of Languages this year. The first was held in May and it was a competition between all the language classes in the Middle and Senior Schools. In the French section, Madame Benzenati’s Year 12 class once again proved too strong. In the Japanese section, Miss Saigo’s Year 9 class moved to an early lead and was never overtaken.

In the second competition, the World Championships, St Hilda’s did very well. We had two girls gain an Elite certificate by accumulating over 10,000 points and this requires many hours spent diligently at the computer or iPad.

Overall, St Hilda’s School was awarded the following:

  • Elite 10,000 points 2 certificates Charli Bawden and Natasha Buckler
  • Gold 3,000 points 5 certificates
  • Silver 2,000 points 7 certificates
  • Bronze 1, 000 points 22 certificates
  • Credit 500 points 14 certificates

It takes approximately one hour to reach 100 points for the students who are familiar with all the vocabulary. The girls have access to many vocabulary lists and many of the more capable girls challenge themselves with a grade or two above their year level.

Overall results in the World Championships

  • Combined languages Top 14% (162nd out of 1152 schools)
  • Combined languages Qld Top 11% (20th out of 176 schools)
  • Japanese overall Top 3%
  • Japanese in Australia Top 3%
  • 8th in Qld out of 149 schools
  • 8th in Japanese (in 251–500 student range) 218 schools

There have been some outstanding personal results in these competitions and no doubt your daughter’s hard work will pay off in the upcoming tests.

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