A great part of being a competitive swimmer at St Hilda's Swimming Club is the ability to engage in competitions and improve your swimming skills.

There are a variety of swimming competitions, referred to as Meets, that you and our Club may attend. Each level of Meet caters for swimmers at a particular stage of their development and swimming journey.

When you join the Club as a member, you will be able to compete in Inter-Club Meets, which are a great opportunity to race against swimmers from other clubs and qualify to compete at Regional, State or National Championships.

In order to compete all swimmers must be current financial members of the Club.

Membership, Renewals & FairPlay Vouchers

How do I become a St Hilda's Swimming Club Member?
Signing up to Swim Central
Memberships & Renewals
Using FairPlay Vouchers
Swim Central Help
How do I become a St Hilda's Swimming Club Member?

All memberships and renewals must be completed via Swim Central, which is the national operating system for all swim clubs and members. This online portal links all interactions within swimming; including Club, Region, Swimming Qld and Swimming Australia. In order to become a member of any swim club you must first set up an account with Swim Central.

The official membership season runs from 1 July to 30 June of the following year. Existing memberships remain valid until 30 September. If you do not renew by 1 October, your membership will no longer be active and access to enter meets etc. will be removed.

Signing up to Swim Central
  1. Navigate to the Swim Central website
  2. Select ‘Sign in’, then select ‘Register’ (please only register the details of someone over 18 years, all those under 18 are listed as family group dependants later on)
  3. Enter your preferred email address as your Swim ID (Email) along with a password. Your password will need to contain at least 8 characters, with at least 1 uppercase letter and 1 number. Accept the declaration, and then select ‘Register’. (Please note, if you are renewing your membership, you will already be registered in Swim Central and you will need to select ‘Already have an Account’ and proceed through the forgotten password process)
  4. Check your inbox or junk mail for a Swim Central email confirmation from donotreply@swimming.org.au. The subject line will be ‘Swim Central Email Confirmation’ or ‘Reset Password’.
  5. Use the link in the email to validate your email. This will open a confirmation screen.
  6. Return to your original internet browser tab and complete the sign in.
  7. The final step before you are ready to get started with Swim Central is the agreement of the ‘Service Terms and Conditions’, select ‘I Agree & Continue’ to proceed. You are now registered in Swim Central.
Memberships & Renewals
  1. Navigate to your family page and click on yourself to begin the process. You will need to enter your family administration PIN to proceed.
  2. Select the shopping tile and search for St Hilda’s Aquatic.
  3. Select the type of membership applicable to your swimmer and then press ‘add to trolley’.
  4. If you have more than one swimmer renewing, go to the bottom of the screen and press the button that has ‘stop impersonation’. By pressing this button, it will redirect you back to the family page and you will be able select another swimmer and their applicable membership product. This will enable you to pay all in one transaction.
  5. Once you have completed all of your transactions, click on the shopping trolley at the top of the screen which will take you to finalizing your payment.
Using FairPlay Vouchers

FairPlay Vouchers can be used to pay for all, or a portion, of the Club membership fees. They cannot be used to pay for lessons or squads. Vouchers are single use only and redeemable via swim central only by the steps below.

  1. Add memberships to the trolley as per the specific step-by-step guide above.
  2. Choose the voucher option presented at the checkout.
  3. Enter the FairPlay voucher code and press the redeem voucher button.
  4. Where a balance is still showing, a credit card payment will be required to complete the purchase.
  5. If the voucher covers the entire purchase and there is a NIL balance owing, a member will still need to enter a credit card and accept the Terms and Conditions to complete the purchase (though no charges will be processed)

If you are changing clubs at the start of the season, simply purchase a new membership product with the new club and ensure you nominate it as your primary membership in ‘My memberships’.

If changing clubs midway through the season, a formal transfer process must be completed to enable a refund of common components paid in the two membership products such as fees associates with Swimming Australia and Swimming Qld. To complete this formal transfer process, purchase a new membership product, then from the ‘My membership’ Tile select the old membership and use the ‘Transfer’ button which initiates a transfer and refund.

Please check that St Hilda's Aquatics is now nominated as your Primary club on Swim Central when you look in 'My Memberships'.

Swim Central Help

For any enquiries or Help, we encourage you to contact Swimming Qld directly via the contact details below. There are also handy hints and guides on the Swimming QLD website which you can access via the following link: https://qld.swimming.org.au/sw...

Email: admin.qld@swimming.org.au

Phone: (07) 3390 2011 / 1300 559 548


We have our own Club App via InstaTeam and thus is the Clubs main form of communication. All information relating to meets, events, volunteering and results is posted on the App and is the only way meet information is distributed. It is the responsibility of all members and their families to read the Clubs notifications sent out via the app.


  1. Download InstaTeam from the App Store or GooglePlay onto your mobile device
  2. Create an account using your email address or log in using Facebook or Google
  3. Search for St Hilda’s Aquatics or use the team code AQUUAG and click on Join
  4. You are now on St Hilda’s Aquatics InstaTeam!

Your status will show as pending and you will have limited access until Admin approvesyour request to Join. If you do not have a smart phone, you can still register with us for

email notiifications only by going to the InstaTeam website here and following the same steps to join.