Athena News - May 2019

Athena News - May 2019

Athena News – May 2019

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Breakfast is such an important meal because it is the first time in the day to get great nutrients into our athlete’s body. They need energy to replenish what was used overnight while their bodies recovered.

Breakfast is an energy booster and can set up the athlete for incredible success for the day. They need protein, carbohydrates and good fats at every meal.

  • Protein – can include eggs, yoghurt, steel cut oats, cottage cheese, meats (Not cured meats), smoothies with chia seeds and yoghurt.
  • Carbohydrates – eggs, steel cut oats, fruit and wholegrain breads.
  • Fats – eggs, chia seeds, flax seeds, avocados and salmon.

Students who eat breakfast before school do better on tests. The brain is one of the greatest users of energy on our body. The brain is reliant on nutrients from good fats and carbohydrates.

Make a plan to ensure you have a good breakfast each day.


Congratulations to the athletes who qualified to compete at the Australian Age Athletics Championships in Sydney during the holiday break: Dior Scholz, Elle Rutherford, and on their outstanding results:

  • Elle Rutherford (Year 12) – 1st = 800m
  • Dior Scholz (Year 7) – 3rd = Relay, 16th = 100m, 200m


Congratulations to the swimmers who qualified to compete at the Australian Age Swimming Championships in Adelaide during the holiday break.

Eleven Athena Students competed in the event: Julia Kater, Ava Brickley, Taya Mackenzie, Lucinda Macleod, Georgie Roper, Mia Abela, Ella Brenac, Scarlett Cao, Natalie Shaw, Michaela Brickley, Zoe Mackenzie. Following much hard work, many personal best times were set and valuable competition lessons learnt during the championships.

Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding results:

  • Lucinda Macleod (Year 9) – 1st = 200m Freestyle
  • Julia Kater (Year 8) – 2nd 200m Breaststroke 13 years, 3rd = 400m Individual Medley 13 years, 6th = 100m Breaststroke 13 years
  • Zoe Mackenzie (Year 12) – 1st = 50m Breaststroke Multi-class 15/16 years


Lily Cathcart and Sascha Noort qualified to compete at the National Age Diving Championships during the holiday break. Congratulations to them both on their achievements:

  • Lily Cathcart (Year 7) – 4th = Mixed Pairs Synchro, 13th = 1m Springboard 12/13 years, 16th = 3m Springboard 12/13 years
  • Sascha Noort (Year 9) – 2nd = 1m Springboard 14/15 years, 4th = Platform 14/15 years, 7th = 3m Springboard 14/15 years and 3rd Overall.

All the best to both Lily and Sascha who have qualified for the National Schools Diving Championships in Melbourne in July.


Laney Smith (Year 12) represented Queensland in the Australian Hockey Championships. Queensland won gold in the event. Congratulations to Laney and her team!


Congratulations to the gymnasts who qualified to compete at the Queensland Gymnastics Titles during the holiday break. Six Athena Students competed in the event: Lily Beaver, Luar Burt, Jessica Cleverly, Emma De Fazio, Sienna McMah and Nikki McMenamin.

Congratulations to the following students on their excellent results:

  • Sienna McMah (Year 8 – Level 8 under 14) – 5th = Beam 14, 5th = Vault, 9th = Overall
  • Jessica Cleverly (Year 8 – Level 10 Open) – 4th = Beam, 5th = Vault, 9th = Bars, 7th = Overall

All the best to Jessica who has qualified for the Australian Gymnastics Championships Level 10 in Melbourne later in the month.


Congratulations to Dayna Whiteley-Hall for winning the Inverell Clay Court Championship in the holidays. This is a great achievement for Dayna, who normally plays on hardcourt, to win a clay court event. Well done, Dayna!

Mrs Lisa Cleverly
Head of Athena

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace