Athena News - September 2021

Athena News - September 2021

Athena News – September 2021

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Sports Dietitian, Steffani Ford, from eatsmart delivered a follow-up workshop to our Athena students this term.  Good nutrition is essential for supporting athletes to maintain good general health and provide the athlete with enough energy and nutrients to meet the demands on the body from training. Key takeaway points for the students were:

  • Good nutrition can help to prevent injury in athletes
  • The night before competition, lunch and dinner should contain plenty of carbohydrates such as sushi, sandwiches, rice, pasta
  • On competition day: If the competition is 2 hours + until it commences – eat a more substantial snack which could include – a sandwich/wrap/pita pocket, pasta salad, scone/pikelet/muffin, fried rice
  • Approximately 1 hour prior to event commencing, athletes can eat honey/jam/vegemite sandwich, pretzels, rice crackers, muesli bars
  • About 30 minutes until the next race/event athletes can eat fruit (fresh, dried or tinned), milk popper, yoghurt, custard, fruit juice or sport drink
  • After the game/event replacing fluids is very important so consuming a sports drink or water is vital and include a snack containing carbohydrate

Steffani also provided each student with a booklet of delicious recipes designed for athletes for breakfast and snack ideas.

St Hilda’s Sports Nutrition Recipes 96

Congratulations to the following Athena students on excellent results in recent competitions:

Cyra Bender (Year 10) was selected for the Queensland Cyclones Pool Rescue Team following her outstanding results at the recent Queensland State Pool Rescue Championships. In this event Cyra won 4 gold medals and a bronze in individual events and a further 2 gold medals in the team relay events.

Hannah Collins (Year 11) competed in the Equestrian Events at the Gold Coast Show. Hannah was awarded the ‘Reserve Champion Child Rider’, 1st place Child’s Showhunter Galloway and 2nd place Open Showhunter Galloway on her horse Farleigh Kingston.

Yve-Noelle Bollinger (Year 6) competed at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod with the following excellent results:
Classical Ballet Solo 12 Years – 1st place
Demi-character Solo 12 Years – 1st place
Lyrical Solo 12 Years – 1st place
National Solo 12 Years – 1st place
Student Choreography – 3rd place
Contemporary Solo – Very Highly Commended

Yve-Noelle was also awarded the Most Promising Classical Dancer 12 Years and Under.

Mary Palmer (Year 8) was a finalist in the Junior Development Series Tournament in the Under 17 Division.

Summer Osborne (Year 8) won the doubles and placed 3rd in the singles event of the Under 16 Western Downs Junior Tournament.

Lisa Cleverly
Head of Athena

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