Boarding Bulletin - 17 October 2018

Boarding Bulletin - 17 October 2018

Boarding Bulletin – 17 October 2018

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What an action-packed “return to Boarding” week we have had. The energy of the girls has been palpable every day, and what special times we have shared since returning.

We are so very proud of our Year 11s who have, as a year level, assumed leadership in Boarding – and in the Day School. Whilst the statement that “all the girls are leaders” can seem very clichéd, it is truly what we believe, and we sincerely encourage all our Year 11s to embrace this term and next year, and contribute to our Boarding community. Our community will be what you make it!

On the weekend I had an exciting meeting with all the Prefects who are Boarders and we brain-stormed ideas and challenges we would like to embrace over the next year. In due course, we will be able to share the girls’ aims once they are fine-tuned.

We are thrilled to note Prefects who are Boarders:

  • School Captain: Emily Dougherty
  • Head Boarder: Ailsa Hurford
  • Melaleuca House Sports Captain: Meg Johnstone
  • Prefects: Sophie Hawkins, Grace Hemming, Mia Sharman

And, Head Day Girl, Kara Kroon has also spent time as a member of our Boarding Community, so we are claiming Kara as a Boarder too!

We wish all our Year 11s well as they embrace their roles as leaders, knowing they will enhance our community and contribute to our continual improvement.

Whilst we were sorry the Fete was cancelled on Saturday due to the inclement weather in SE Queensland, we are mindful of our families who are still in desperate need of water – you remain constantly in our prayers and I remind you to make contact with us if there is any way we can assist you.

Our thanks are extended to Sharon Hannon for her work in preparing for the BPSG Kebab Stall, and to Peter Hannon and Richelle Woods who were to run the stall on the day of the Fete. We do appreciate your work and support, especially Richelle who flew from NQ to run the stall on the day. Thank you also, to all our parents who volunteered to work on the stall on the day of the Fete – those lamb and chicken kebabs sounded so good! Jacque Hemming, Gail Abbotts and Janet Knight cooked the best satay sauce, ready for the stall – with lots of stirring too! Thank you, ladies. Finally, thank you to parents who donated items for a BPSG raffle.

Sunday night saw us holding our first Full Boarding Meeting for the term – and we were treated to wonderful community sharing. Firstly, we welcomed seven new girls to our community by presenting their Boarder badges. This was followed by Arrabella Oates talking with us about her love of life at home in Boomi, Maeve Dougherty and Rosie Mayne showing us their video of their amazing exchange in South Africa (including safari footage), and Halle Mudimu, Georgina Montgomery and Stephanie Korff entertaining us with musical solos. What talent, and what a privilege to be part of girls supporting each other, learning about each other and appreciating each other.

Our major event for this term is our Boarding Christmas Dinner and we have a committee of girls who are planning its program – lots of excitement ahead. We are grateful to the BPSG for its sponsorship of this event in Boarding and look forward to sharing lots of photos with everyone.

Our Year 12s are counting down to “the end”, and eagerly awaiting their next steps post school. We encourage them to maintain their momentum, continue to work hard and enjoy their final school days!

Annette Boyle
Head of Boarding

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace