Boarding Bulletin - 22 November 2018

Boarding Bulletin - 22 November 2018

Boarding Bulletin – 22 November 2018

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There is much excitement amongst our Year 11 girls in the lead up to their Presentation Ball which will be held on Saturday evening. The girls are finishing their tests and undertaking the final preparations for this special night. We are looking forward to catching up with families and celebrating their move into the final year of schooling with the girls. Parents will be wondering – “where has that time gone?!”.

We are very excited to be working with our new student leaders in Boarding. Under the leadership of 2019 Head Boarder, Ailsa Hurford, they have already identified their aims to enhance our Family Groups and the activities of the Competition Houses we have in Boarding. They are keen to continue developing our community in Boarding and encouraging the involvement of all the girls in activities and other aspects of Boarding life. We are delighted that some of our 2018 Year 10s have volunteered, along with Year 11s, to take on the role of ‘Big Sisters’ next year. This is an important program in Boarding which extends a warm welcome to new girls as well as supporting other boarders. I am grateful for their generosity of spirit in offering their time to care for others and contribute in this way. As we all know, we get the most out of life when we are prepared to give and engage, rather than sit back and leave the work to others.

This week we will hold our annual round-robin netball match, organized by Mrs Egan and a group of the girls. It will be super to see the girls, including non-netballers, join in and play keenly and in the spirit of fun; we will enjoy a BBQ dinner together, followed by the presentation of prizes.  Competition will be fierce, especially between staff managers of teams! We can’t wait to enjoy more such afternoons next year led by our keen senior students.

Next week we will congratulate our ‘Tidy Room’ winners for Semester 2, 2018 through a Pizza Dinner to recognize the girls’ efforts in keeping their rooms clean, tidy and aesthetic. We are proud of these girls when we show prospective families through our Houses and appreciate them contributing in this way.

The past weeks have seemed like the long farewell for Year 12s – there were many opportunities to recognise them and their contribution to St Hilda’s. We thank our Head Boarder, Chiara Hilson for her quiet, passionate leadership of our Boarding Community and wish each of our Year 12 boarders all the very best. We do hope they will stay in touch with us.

One of our highlights of the term has to be our Christmas Dinner – lots of jolly fun, and the opportunity for our girls to thank all those who have cared for them during the year. Chef Dave and our catering staff provided another scrumptious meal as we celebrated together. Our sincere thanks are extended to our Boarder Parents Support Group for their funding of decorations and treats – it is a lovely way for our parents to be very much a part of our celebrations.

As this is the last newsletter for 2018, I thank all members of our Boarding Community for their contributions during the year; it has been a big year, and a fruitful one. We have worked together in partnership and community and I look forward to a wonderful 2019.  I would also like to acknowledge Dr Wilson Reynolds for her support of, and her belief in Boarding as a significant part of the School. Her genuine care for and interest in each individual is much appreciated. Similarly, Ms Lauman for her untiring support of boarders and staff and her willingness to assist with sage advice at all times.

I wish you all the peace and joy of the Christmas Season and a relaxing, rejuvenating break. I look forward to seeing our returning Boarders on 29 January 2019 and to welcoming new Boarders, also. 2019 is looking to be a great year!

Annette Boyle
Head of Boarding 

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace