Boarding Bulletin - 30 May 2018

Boarding Bulletin - 30 May 2018

Boarding Bulletin – 30 May 2018

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National Boarding Week 2018

“A home away from home. Sisters who care, who love. Many mothers to look after children. Endless opportunities. A safe place for us”. Madison Wood

“Boarding is so much fun because you meet heaps of different people and the environment is so happy and it makes a really good community”. Lucy Corish

“Boarding is a once in a lifetime experience. I have made my lifelong friends and I have learned about so many cultures and ethnicities”. Isabelle Hacon

“I love boarding for the sense of friendship that makes us stronger as a community and for the nice memories we all make together that will last a lifetime. Mia Harvey

“I like boarding because we have sleepovers with our friends every night. We are never bored because our friends are always there.” Natasha Korff

The quotes above describe just some of the girls’ feelings about ‘Why I Love Boarding’. These were expressed as part of our National Boarding Week campaign, a magnificent week filled with celebrations of all things boarding.

Empathy filled the Multi-Purpose Centre as some of our Boarders shared their individual challenges. Marcella Cowan intrigued the Day Girls with her story of travelling from Saudi Arabia every term for 7 years. Isabelle Hacon and Chloe Towne spoke about the challenges faced attending a traditional classroom for the first time, after completing distance education in Primary School. Yumi Takizawa spoke about crying every day for three weeks, until she became connected with others who had experienced similar emotions. Boarders are different, and during National Boarding Week we celebrated this difference with pride. Pink ribbons and posters of #boardingwhynot filled the school, and we saw your daughters stand a little taller. Below are just a few of the pictures taken during the week.

We’re on the Road Again – 10-15 June

Acting Head of Boarding, Amanda Rigby and Principal, Dr Julie Wilson Reynolds will attend the ICPA conference in Winton during Week 8.  Whilst learning more about our isolated students, we also hope to share dinner with current and prospective parents in Longreach and Barcaldine. Further information for this event can be obtained by emailing

Staying Healthy

From time to time we encourage Boarders and their families to support us in our efforts to stay healthy and free from viruses such as gastrointestinal illness and influenza. I would like to thank the Boarding Community for their support with cancelled leave and for collecting your daughters at short notice.  We very much appreciate your support in helping us look after more than 180 boarders.

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Amanda Rigby
Acting Head of Boarding

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace