Boarding Bulletin - April 2019

Boarding Bulletin - April 2019

Boarding Bulletin – April 2019

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As we approach the end of Term 1, with the girls excitedly preparing to return home or to stay with others, we are excited for those families who have received much wanted rain in the past days. This has surely brought hope, including for those families still looking to the skies for relief. Our thoughts remain with all our families who are currently facing challenges of any sort.

The girls have embraced Boarding this term, and it was so pleasing to hear again this year, some of the girls on their return from camp on Friday, say that they had missed Boarding, their beds, warm showers and good food! Great comments to hear!

From the very first days of term, way back in January, we have worked hard at engendering community and connection in Boarding, with our focus being the School’s motto, Non Nobis Solum, Not for ourselves alone. We have been privileged to welcome new girls and families and staff into our community. Girls have settled in quickly, joining in School and Boarding activities, making the connections which grow as a result.

This is the second year of our Boarding and Character Awards and many, many of our girls have been awarded certificates, in recognition of their kindness, friendship, and care of others, for their positive attitude, or for giving of their time to enhance our community, this term. Living in a community can be challenging at times, but when we give of ourselves, participate, initiate and look to make the world a better place for others, we usually find we receive so much more in return.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. – Mother Teresa

Term 1 has been hot and humid, but the girls have managed well and are looking forward to cooler days and nights from now on. Despite a hot day, Boarders embraced the Inter-House Cross Country competition, giving their all. Great news on the day was that the Boarders won the Tug-of-War competition, convincingly defeating the Day Girls! There was much tactical planning and much force exerted and our competition is now one-all!

All our girls have now completed their tests and assignments, much to their relief! They have been working hard this term and our Years 11 and 12 girls are pleased to have this first Test Block for the year behind them. Many have appreciated the help and encouragement of our Boarding House Tutors, Sasha Khmelevskay, Meg Sandeman, Jennifer Sullivan and Stephanie Gartea, who are available week nights for the girls. All girls are encouraged to avail themselves of the support also provided in the Day School through their teachers, subject tutorials and Homework Club.

Currently, we are planning some road trips to catch up with Boarding families in their home districts. More information will be available soon, and we look forward to seeing as many families as possible during the year.

As we end the term, I would like to thank Mrs Amanda Rigby and all Boarding, Health Centre and Services staff for their hard work and contributions to our community this term. Our girls have been well cared for and they appreciate those who look after them. I wish all Boarding families a wonderful holiday and restorative time together. I pray that the hope of Easter is present with you and yours and that you all remain safe during this holiday time.

Annette Boyle
Head of Boarding




Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace