Boarding News - September 2019

Boarding News - September 2019

Boarding News – September 2019

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This past week in Queensland and New South Wales has seen the resilience and community spirit of Australians shine yet again. The horrific fires in South and South-East Queensland and New South Wales saw the lives and livelihoods of folk threatened, along with the environmental impacts. Yet, our Emergency and Volunteer Services worked tirelessly to fight the fires and families and communities were strong and helped each other. We see Care, Connect and Community, our Boarding Community’s mantra, in our wider community and amongst our families and girls as we look after each other when the “chips are down”.

Another example of “getting in” and making things happen is Weengallon Pink Ladies Day. Held in August for the past 20 years, this event has raised significant funds which over time have seen Breast Cancer Nurses in St George and Goondiwindi being employed, the provision of free accommodation for cancer patients through the Olive McMahon Lodge in Toowoomba, and the provision of funding to BPCAQ for local patients. St Hilda’s has been a proud Gold Sponsor over the years, and we congratulate our wonderful Boarding parents, led by Weengallon Pink Ladies Day President, Emma Montgomery, on a truly enjoyable day. Amanda Rigby and I hosted the St Hilda’s table of ten mums and friends and there was much fun and laughter over a delicious lunch whilst listening to an inspiring speaker on the cancer journey herself.

The night prior we hosted a dinner for past, present and prospective families in Goondiwindi – what a great night, again, with much laughter and enjoyment of each other’s company. We were delighted that Sandy and Angus Wilson (past parents) joined us and we all voted the evening a huge success! Our road trips are an exciting and rewarding part of our Boarding year as we love catching up with our families and friends in their own areas.

Boarding was well represented in the Rowing crews at the Head of the River on 31 August. What a glorious day it was and our congratulations go to all our Boarders who were involved in rowing this year (with some still involved in the forthcoming State Championships) – they all contributed to St Hilda’s success in winning the Aggregate Cup this year and a number of crews and individuals achieved placings in their races. Other sports have been played by the girls this term and all sports have required commitment to training, team membership and skill development. Well done for participating in activities which contribute to fitness, wellbeing and personal growth.

As I write, the girls are in the final stages of the academic term, completing exams and assessments and as I am sure parents will be aware, they are all ready for a break! Term 3 is a long term, with much to be done and a full program of work and sport and other co-curriculars for the girls. We can see them getting excited at the prospect of some time to themselves and rejuvenation of spirit. The girls have worked hard, and the senior girls have approached their exams with maturity and purpose, studying well in Boarding. Year 11s are going through their preparations for the Presentation Ball to be held on Friday – lots of trying on of dresses and discussions about hair and makeup!

This weekend has seen the girls involved in a variety of activities – Infinity, Food Festival at the Broadwater, a beach outing, a day at Movie World and they also requested a shopping outing. Others have enjoyed some “down time”, which is also healthy, especially at the end of a 10 week term!

Our last full Boarding Meeting for the term saw Carmen Auyung playing piano beautifully, Kanna Nagayama present on her home town in Japan and Georgie Montgomery share all about her exchange to England. We also presented the entries in our Photo Competition, all of which truly represented home for our entrants. These pictures will be hung in Boarders Reception. Congratulations to winners Emma Chandler (Barcaldine) and Luca Williamson (Hong Kong). Their photos are shared with you in this edition of our newsletter.

Next term will be a busy one, being the final days of schooling for our Year 12s, our Christmas Dinner and lots of other School activities, culminating in Speech Day. Our Year 11s will assume leadership in their own rights and will finally be Year 12s! Families are reminded that School does not finish until the end of our Speech Day Ceremony and that all girls are expected to attend Speech Day.

I wish all Boarding families a wonderful break with much relaxation and rejuvenation and thank you all again for working in partnership with us to support our girls.

Annette Boyle
Head of Boarding



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