Academic Support

Academic Support

Academic Support

Boarders benefit from a range of measures which assist their academic progress at all phases of their educational journey. Fully supervised Prep or study times, after-school tutorials for core subjects and evening tutorial assistance by boarding tutors are just some of the strategies that are in place to provide important academic support for boarders.

Teacher-led Tutorials

Boarders are invited to take advantage of after-school tutorials in English, Maths and Science which are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. These tutorials are available to all students, at no extra cost, to gain assistance with homework, revision preparation for assessments and assignments. Attendance by the girls is voluntary. Boarders also may contact their teachers or Head of Year directly for individual assistance with class work or advice about study habits. The Learning Enhancement Coordinator is always willing to help girls who need support or extension.

Formal Prep Times

Prep is an integral part of each boarder’s program, with the First Prep starting at 5pm and the Second Prep following dinner. The girls use the time to complete homework, general revision, assignments and preparation for tests and assessments. Boarding staff supervise Formal Prep, ensuring there is a quiet atmosphere conducive to study. Formal Prep operates from Monday to Thursday and on the weekend. With effective use of these structured prep times, older boarders should not have to work past 10pm on a regular basis. By aiming to be in bed by 10pm, students are able to get eight to nine hours of sleep from Monday to Thursday.

Venues for Study

All boarders are able to access school facilities, including specialist music rooms and the Senior Library ‘after hours’. A wireless network system in each House gives boarders internet access in their private study areas in their own room. Senior girls in Darragh House work in their own rooms, independently or in groups in common rooms and the Reading Room, or in the library. Junior boarders in Whitby and McCulloch Houses are able to complete prep in the House or in the library with boarding staff and boarding tutors.

Boarding tutors, comprising university students with strengths in English, Humanities, Maths and Science, are available to assist boarders during their prep time from Monday to Thursday during Second Prep.

External Tutors

Boarding Administration staff are able to organise external tutors (who are Blue Card approved to work with children) to visit the campus to provide boarding students with academic support. Tutoring by an external tutor is arranged at the parent’s expense.

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