Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Health Centre

The St Hilda’s School Health Centre is located in the boarding precinct and staffed by a team of registered nurses, led by the Health Centre Coordinator. Our nursing team is responsible for looking after the physical and emotional wellbeing of all boarding students. Nurses liaise directly with the Head of Boarding and Deputy Head of Boarding in relation to the health of each boarder.

Communication with Parents

Parents are contacted by the nurse regarding health issues and permission for specialist appointments. Medications are dispensed according to signed parent permission forms. Any information regarding a student’s previous health care is helpful in providing a holistic health care service. Parents are welcome to contact the nurses directly with any concerns.

Health Care Providers

Referrals and appointments with other Health Care Providers are made by the school nurse on behalf of the boarders. We have a visiting school doctor who attends the Health Centre twice a week to provide a bulk-billing service for our boarding community. A Medical Escort is available to accompany under 16-year-olds to their medical and dental appointments from 8.30am to 10.00am weekdays. The School Counsellors are located next to the Health Centre, providing easy access for boarders.

Opening Times

There is a nursing sister available in the Health Centre or on call, seven days a week. If a student is unwell outside of the Health Centre hours, the boarding staff will accompany the student to the local doctor or access a Private Hospital, in the event of emergency. These practices are conveniently located within a five-minute drive from the campus.

Recovery Rooms

If a student is recovering from an illness, her overnight accommodation is in a more comfortable private room with ensuite during her recuperation period.

Contagious Illness

It is our policy to send contagious boarders (with an excludable illness) into the care of the parent’s nominated Emergency Contact person. Where the Emergency Contact is unable to collect an ill boarder, the school will engage boarding staff to care for the sick child. This cost shall be charged to the parents’ account.

Ms Tiffany Tyler
Health Centre Coordinator

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