Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Welcome to the Performing Arts

St Hilda’s School offers a dazzling range of Performing Arts opportunities including plays and musicals, acting workshops, film creation and talent competitions. Many activities are all-inclusive, and girls who want to participate are given the chance to be part of the team. Productions are performed after school before friends and families so they can display their talents, with the School and House Musicals staged at the Arts Centre Gold Coast. If your daughter has a passion for the stage or loves being the brains behind the scenes, she will find a range of activities in the Performing Arts.


Once Upon A Mattress is based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea.

In 2016, St Hilda’s School is asking each girl to find their inner princess (or knight!) in the hilarious musical Once Upon A Mattress. The Musical is based on the story of The Princess and the Pea, re-told to feature a cold-hearted Queen, wimpy Prince, even wimpier King and a Princess who is tough and sassy but with a heart of gold.

The Musical is a visual feast with beautiful gowns, shiny knights’ armor and a spectacular castle but best of all, the music is infectious and the jokes come fast and furious!

Once Upon A Mattress is a light-hearted romp that is fun for all ages and will delight anyone who secretly yearns to be a beautiful Princess (who can also beat any boy at anything!)

St Hilda’s Film Festival

The first annual St Hilda’s School Short Film Festival was a huge success with dozens of entries from across Middle and Senior School. Budding film stars paired up with our talented actresses to produce some inventive and highly original short films, all of which needed to use a phone as a stimulus. Enjoy our winning entries below:

Middle and Senior House Plays

This year’s Middle and Senior School House Plays were most entertaining and the girls created some amazing characters, set designs and performances. Banksia was on first with their play Law and Order Fairy Tale Unit then Melaleuca with their play Rapunzel Uncut, last but not least was Karragaroo with It’s Not you it’s Me see the program here

Middle and Senior House Musicals

The 2015 House Musical Light saw hundreds of students, over the course of six weeks, step into the roles of production crew, dancers, singers, musicians, actors and stage hands. Mountainous tasks were tackled head-on and achieved with such dedication and spirit that will make us all proud of the girls. Scripts were written, dances choreographed and original compositions were created from inspiration and talent alone. The fact that these jobs were accomplished by the girls themselves, with minimal teacher direction showed us all what can really happen when our girls put their minds to it.

Junior School wows audiences with Peter Pan, the Musical

The young cast of Peter Pan was magnificent in the very professional staging of this colourful and entertaining musical at the Arts Centre Gold Coast. More than 130 Junior School students took part in the production. Congratulations girls!


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