Co-Curricular, Extra Curricular and Service Activities

At St Hilda’s School we offer a wide range of co-curricular activities and also some extra-curricular activities. Many significant life skills are taught or may be learned in these programs. These include leadership, decision-making and commitment, learning to take responsibility in the community, learning to work in teams and motivate others, learning to organise and learning to negotiate. Through their involvement in these activities, students develop a sense of accomplishment and enhance their self-confidence by using their talents and responding to the challenges presented to them.

Co-curricular activities form an integral part in the learning and development of all students as they augment the formal curriculum. Each student in Years 7–12 at St Hilda’s School is expected to participate in at least one co-curricular activity each term.

The Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular and Service Activities Handbook 2020 has been designed to help you and your daughter to navigate your way through the array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities available and to assist them to make informed choices.

The information contained in this handbook includes a description of each activity and the benefits to participants, including details such as the venue and times each activity is run and contact information for the staff in charge of the activity.

Overview of Co-Curricular Activities 2020

  • Amnesty International – Terms 1-4
  • Debating – Terms 1-3
  • Film Buff and Media Makers – Terms 1-4
  • Inter-House Musical/Dance Festival – Term 1 every 2nd year
  • Inter-House Drama Festival – Term 3
  • International Group – Terms 1-4
  • Robotics Club – Terms 1-4
  • Theatre and Drama Master Classes – Periodically throughout the year
  • The Coffee Shop – Terms 1-4
  • Middle School Book Club Years 7-9 – Terms 1-4
  • The Joint TSS / St Hilda’s Book Club Years 10-12 – Terms 1-4

Music activities as listed below do not appear on the timeline above as they are generally scheduled to take place throughout the entire year.

  • Big Band
  • Middle/Senior School Concert Band
  • Rhythm & Blues Band
  • Senior Choir
  • Senior String Ensemble
  • Senza Ragazzi Show Choir

Sport activities are not listed above and may be found in the Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular and Service Activities Handbook 2020.

Overview of Extra-Curricular Activities 2020

  • Individual Music Tuition – Terms 1-4
  • Extra Speech and Drama Tuition – Terms 1-4
  • Club Netball – Terms 1-4
  • Club Touch – Terms 1-4
  • Delta Gymnastics – Terms 1-4
  • Snow Sports – June/July Holidays
  • Swimming – Terms 1-4
  • Tennis – Terms 1-4

St Hilda’s Aquatics

Click here to learn more about St Hilda’s Aquatics, including how to register for lessons.

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