As the eleventh Principal of this outstanding environment dedicated to girls’ education, it is a privilege to walk alongside our Pre-Preparatory to Year 12 Day, and Boarding students, in their educational journey.

St Hilda’s School began as a unique opportunity for girls more than a century ago, and today we continue to champion that mission understanding how our Anglican traditions support our students and community to experience active citizenship, and successfully develop the values, attitudes, knowledge, and skills required to live in our rapidly changing and interconnected world.

Today’s globalised knowledge economy requires schools to have a clear vision of how we sustain a school culture that respects and cultivates expertise in a diversity of interests, talents, and skills, with a curriculum that enables individuals to pursue their strengths. This directs our energies and efforts.

Our student-centred environment, lived through our motto, Non Nobis Solum – Not for Ourselves Alone, has long proven to promote both student agency and efficacy qualities fundamental to meet the challenges of change, strengthen communities, and contribute to the sustainability of our future.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus and sharing your daughter’s individual journey with us.

Ms Wendy Lauman - St Hilda's School Principal
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Wendy's Journey

Wendy Lauman began her teaching career as a Speech and Drama teacher before focusing her interest in girls’ Education. Wendy has an Association with the Australian College of Music, a Bachelor of Education (Drama), a Master of Education in Counselling and Guidance, and a Master of Education in Behaviour Management. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Management, and a member of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

Her secondary school teaching career began in 1992 at Moreton Bay College in Queensland where she led the Personal Development Program for senior students and was Head of Whitfield House. In 2006, Wendy was appointed as Dean of Students at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School in Queensland where she began a professional network for senior leaders of pastoral care and completed further studies in senior leadership and governance. She has a particular interest in positive psychology and organisational behaviour and culture.

Wendy was Deputy Principal at St Hilda’s from 2014 and was appointed Principal in 2020. She has continued to promote the specific interests of girls’ education through her membership of AHISA conference committees and supporting the initiation of the St Hilda’s Girls in Engineering Conference, and the extension of the Performing Arts programs.