From the Chaplain - November 2019

From the Chaplain - November 2019

From the Chaplain – November 2019

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The School’s motto of Non Nobis Solum, not for ourselves alone was the pivotal theme of an erudite and moving speech given by the 2014 School Captain, Ms Megan Sandeman, at last week’s Year 12 Graduation Ceremony. It reminded me that this motto has been given a very practical expression in the Junior School over the last few weeks. The Junior School has been participating in an overseas program to help the underprivileged. Chloe Chan in 6N wrote an article about this program which will be published nationally in the newsletter of the Anglican Schools Association next month.

Chloe Chan, Year 6

This is what Chloe had to say.

The story of Jesus has inspired people for thousands of years. Our school looks up to Jesus and has retold his story over the last 107 years. We learn about Jesus’s life during our Religious Education lessons and Chapel services. We admire his traits and learn through our school values—love, compassion, hope, forgiveness and grace.

At St Hilda’s school we try to follow the teachings of Jesus in how we live. There are countless activities that we do at our school to follow these teachings. As we know, Christmas is one of the main Christian festivals. We are proud to inform you that we participated in the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Child program as our small step towards sharing with those in need. At Christmas, children may take presents for granted, but what about those in difficult situations? The Samaritan’s Purse charity has considered this as an issue and has taken action. Every Christmas, volunteers travel overseas to deliver “the shoeboxes filled with love” to the poor children all around the world. Who knew a small gift would fill these children’s hearts with joy?

This program teaches us to be kind like Jesus taught us to do. At St Hilda’s School there are plenty of other meaningful Christmas activities beside the Samaritan’s Purse program such as the Giving Tree. This is where we provide non-perishable food items for people in need on the Gold Coast.

Many of us revere St Hilda as she recognised people’s talents and encouraged them to develop these gifts to the glory of God, which we would summarise as kindness. She led by example and is remembered for the value of peace, charity and chastity. Hilda was praised not only by those in the Whitby Abbey, but also by the ordinary people beyond the Abbey walls. Our goal is to spread kindness as far as possible. May St Hilda’s School, Southport continue to follow Jesus’s teaching.

I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Fr Patrick Duckworth
School Chaplain

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace