From the Chaplain - October 2020

From the Chaplain - October 2020

From the Chaplain – October 2020

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Week 1 of Term 4 2020 may have been a short week because of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, but it certainly was a busy one, not only because of the usual activities associated with beginning of a new school term, but also because of two important events both to do with the Chapel.

Tuesday saw the Induction of our new Senior Leaders for 2021 and Friday saw the Commissioning of Ms Wendy Lauman as our Principal. Both services concentrated on leadership especially in a Christian context. In the Induction Service, the students, both those becoming leaders and those present, heard that leadership in our school is not about authority but service and “following in the footsteps of Jesus and St Hilda, to care for others and help them do their best.”

They were also told that “You are to use your position with wisdom and care, remembering always that you are entrusted with it for the glory of God, and the honour of your School. See to it that by your attitudes and behaviour, you set an example of Christian love and service.” This theme of service as the essence of leadership was taken up by the Archbishop, the Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall, when he gave the address at the Commissioning Service. He spoke of the usual understanding of power in our society and contrasted that with the example of Jesus whose power was given away in continual acts of love rather than exercised for its own sake. It is that self-sacrificing love, based on the individual’s internal strength that Christians would identify as the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, which is the foundation of true leadership. Given that understanding of leadership, it is not surprising that the Induction Service ends with this following prayer:

Lord Jesus, we give you our hands to do your work.

We give you our feet to go your way.

We give you our eyes to see as you do.

We give you our tongues to speak your words.

We give you our minds that you may think in us.

We give you our spirits that you may pray in us.

Above all, we give you our hearts that you may love through us.

We give you our whole self that you may grow in us,

so that it is you, Lord Jesus,

who lives and works and prays in us. Amen

Fr Patrick Duckworth
School Chaplain

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace