From the Interim Principal - March 2020

From the Interim Principal - March 2020

From the Interim Principal – March 2020

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Being in the world in a way that enriches a greater and common good

In schools we are very fortunate that the rhythm of each year allows us to have a sense of renewal and optimism as we plan for the year ahead. Much of this optimism comes from what we have learnt in the previous twelve months, how we engaged with this learning, and the collaborative planning we invest in for continuous improvement.

Plans are great in theory, but how we respond when circumstances reveal that a change in strategy is necessary, perhaps reveals more about us and what we have learned about being prepared to listen and learn.

Parents are perhaps becoming increasingly familiar with the use of the term VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), which is said to represent the unpredictability of the environment.  Our students today are increasingly being tasked with understanding how to manage this environment and, as educationalists often do, the acronym has been repurposed to describe positively how we can respond with vision, understanding, clarity and agility.

Our teachers and current senior students continue to constructively manage this environment as they undertake Unit 3 of the new QCE. Each individual’s willingness to engage in conversations which will make a difference, requires everyone to be in charge of how they take in feedback. Controlling emotional triggers, accepting that learning can be a struggle, and being willing to listen are only a few of the skills you will notice are being developed at this time.

I must also commend the mindset that has been adopted by students, staff, parents and our community partners as we continue to receive advice on COVID-19 and respond to Federal and State Government instructions on health and educational assistance. So too, the resilient response of students to the challenging weather conditions which has resulted in the abandonment of most QGSSSA Cricket matches to date, a cancelled assembly one week due to the sudden appearance of a wide stream of water making  the MPC inaccessible, and an Inter-House Swimming Carnival for Senior School which ended up erupting into much laughter and good cheer. Many of our girls who have not experienced the joy of a good downpour of rain for some time embraced the opportunity to run through puddles, just to ensure they were well and truly wet, on their way to purchase sausages and burgers from our very resilient parents who were manning the barbeques!

The next day our Junior School Swimming Carnival, took on a more familiar challenge with the required frequent reapplication of sunscreen. The weather was kind to us on the afternoon of the So You Think You Can Sing and Dance Inter-House competition, and it was encouraging to hear that so many of our new students, including those on the Exchange Program, enjoyed the camaraderie, house spirit, and challenge of learning choreography and choral singing. Ash Wednesday Service was celebrated together across the year groups, from Prep to Year 12, and on the first day of March even the youngest members of our St Hilda’s community from Carey Lane Early Learning Centre, came together at The Spit on Clean Up Australia Day to live out our motto, Non Nobis Solum (Not for Ourselves Alone).

A whole-of-school approach will provide a new focus for our Student Representative Council this year. This forum for ‘student voice’ has an increased number of representatives from each year level in Middle/Senior School, as well as Junior School, and the Boarding Student Council. Under the leadership of the Prefect Executive, students will have an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills with representing the views of others and making recommendations to take forward the School’s strategic platforms to directly enhance student experience.

Thank you to the parents who have been able to call into our events to support your daughters. Please continue to view the School Calendar on the website, familiarise yourself with our Daily Correspondence and emails direct to specific year groups. Our Facebook page and other social media platforms are also well worth checking to gain deeper insight into our day-to-day activity.

Our partnership in providing an active, creative and innovation learning environment, in a manner which the Anglican Schools Commission cites as supporting our girls ‘to be in the world in a way that enriches a greater and common good,’ can only be enhanced by our shared interest and desire to work together in community.

Wendy Lauman
Interim Principal 


Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace