From the Principal – 21 June 2019

From the Principal – 21 June 2019

Celebrating Student Leadership 

We are very proud of our Student Leaders at St Hilda’s. Each year our girls step up to the challenge of leadership and bring a diverse set of skills, ideas and passions to the roles they embrace. I am delighted by the way in which our girls put themselves forward for responsibilities and opportunities to serve the School and the wider community. 

Due to the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance system, we have brought forward the announcement of Prefects and Senior Prefects in the Senior School.  

Parents of girls in Year 12 2020 are warmly invited to attend our Student Leadership Induction which will be held on Wednesday 17 July 2019. An invitation to this event will be emailed to these parents in due course. 

In our assembly yesterday, we paid tribute to our outgoing Year 12 leaders and announced our new Prefects and Senior Prefects for this year and next. We will spend some time early next term devising the portfolios the girls will embrace. We will announce the cocurricular captains as those activities get underway so there will be more leadership opportunities for our current year 11 students yet to unfold. 

Year 12, thank you for being our most senior students. Thank you for displaying leadership and energy in so many positive ways over the year. I have seen you lead activities, cheer on your peers, play in your sports, sing, lead, laugh and learn in ways that have been really important for our School. 

Prefects, it has been a real pleasure to meet with you each fortnight. I know each of you has brought different skills and contributions to the team and your support of the School has been evident in everything you have done. Thank you for being passionate about your portfolios and for sharing ideas and helping to make improvements which matter. You are a talented and positive group of girls – thank you for sharing your gifts so generously. 

Year 11, at the start of next term at the Prefect Induction service, you will all be invited to embrace a more senior role in the school. We will begin to look for your leadership across the entire school. I know you will embrace this well. 

It is my privilege to announce the Prefects and Senior Prefects for 2019 and 2020. 

Congratulations to our Senior Prefects: 

School Captain                                     Edwina Thomson 

Head Day Girl                                       Mia Field 

Head Boarder                                        Fiona Chen 

School Sports Captain                           Alexandra (Ali) Rutherford 

Banksia House Sports Captain              Ella Fitzpatrick 

Banksia House Captain                         Maeve Dougherty 

Karragaroo House Sports Captain         Anna Eddy 

Karragaroo House Captain                    Stella Cole 

Melaleuca House Sports Captain          Sophie Young 

Melaleuca House Captain                     Annabelle Layt 

And congratulations to our Prefect body: 

Mia Barakat 

Angelina Brunskill 

Maggie Cameron 

Cara Cartisano 

Sophie Coleman 

Phoebe Grosser 

Kate Henning 

Leilani Leon 

Anna Lythgo 

Sigrid Mackenzie 

Lucia McCarthy 

Charlotte McClintock 

Georgica McKinnon 

Abigail (Abi) Mclean 

Jemima Powell 

Molly Raff 

Airlie Robinson 

Elizabeth Slater 

Aisja Thompson 

Violet Todd 

 We pray for God’s blessing on your learning and leadership for next year and beyond. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to commend the girls and staff for their fine work this term and thank the parents for their ongoing support. I wish you all a safe and refreshing holiday break. 

Dr Julie Wilson Reynolds

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace