From the Principal - February 2019

From the Principal - February 2019

From the Principal – February 2019

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Welcome to 2019

Our School year has begun with a really wonderful energy and we are looking forward to a productive and positive year.

I would like to welcome all our new girls who have already begun to settle in so well. We have nearly 200 girls beginning with us this term and we wish them all well as they settle in to their learning. We have also welcomed a number of new staff and in particular I would like to introduce some of our key staff:

  • Mr Robert Slider, Head of Science
  • Mr Michael Conneely – Head of Mathematics
  • Ms Sheri Upasiri – Head of Humanities
  • Mrs Fleur Brooks – Head of Admissions

I am sure the girls and parents will enjoy getting to know these new staff and appreciate the specialist skills they bring to our community.

At one of our first Assemblies, I challenged the Middle and Senior girls to consider their attitude towards challenge. We know that the things of great value in life are often those that are difficult; as F Scott Fitzgerald put it: “Nothing any good isn’t hard.” Philosophers have long argued that a fulfilling life requires embracing difficulty rather than running from it.

Thankfully, at St Hilda’s you don’t need to look too far to find students and staff who are confidently embracing difficulty and benefitting from the learning it brings. During the holidays we have had individual girls stretch themselves in sport and receive medals in swimming and equestrian, we have been represented at the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra, we have had girls qualify for State places in Triathlon, and one of our girls performing in Fame the Musical at HOTA. In our Assembly, these girls shared something they had learnt from the challenges they have embraced.

I would also like to recognise our 23 Senior School girls who demonstrated commitment to Non Nobis Solum in their recent service trip to Tanzania with Camps International. The girls, from Years 10 to 12, travelled 2000km from Manyara in the West to Eagle Fish Point in the East over 22 days, experiencing the dry of the inland, the rainforest of the Usambara Mountains and the sands of Camp Tanga. They visited five camps with varying conditions, visited two National Parks, Manyara and Tarangire and completed a walking safari and an urban safari through Moshi food markets. Five service projects were completed, concreting a school staffroom, building a concrete ramp for students’ access, planting trees in a school yard, painting a classroom and building a mud hut. The manner in which the students conducted themselves and their willingness to step outside their comfort zone was a credit to themselves and the School. They worked so hard to ensure the projects were completed, never once complaining. Their interactions with local villagers and children was inspiring. The change in their perspective, their new appreciation of third world conditions and their growth as young women were all evident.

Over the space of 2019 each one of our girls will face challenges and moments of great stretching – I have encouraged them to embrace these moments, feel their muscles grow and find success in overcoming difficulty. Whether that is in their studies, their sport, their performing arts, their friendships or their service to others. I look forward to celebrating the learning that comes from challenge this year.

Challenge Brings Joy

We are excited to announce that we are strengthening our ties with The School of St Jude in Tanzania to help them in their mission to fight poverty through education. I am very proud to say that a number of our St Hilda’s families have been long term supporters of the School and have been regular visitors. Last year our Senior girls committed to sponsoring two students and our recent service trip girls went out of their way to visit the school. One of the highlights of the visit was a tour around the school with a St Hilda’s old girl, Susie Bridle (Class of 1982), who now works in their Development Office. I am very excited to say that the founder of St Jude’s, Gemma Sisia, will be visiting us on the morning of Monday, 18 March for Breakfast, and I urge as many families as possible to join in the event so that we can learn more about the need and the opportunities we have to support the school. Their most recent project is the repurposing of part of the campus specifically for girls in Years 7 to 10. What a privilege it will be for us to be partners in the provision of quality education for girls in Tanzania. I am excited to see how our motto “Non Nobis Solum” can be put to action in our strategic vision of Inspiring Women. Tickets are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Please see invitation and details below.

Dr Julie Wilson Reynolds


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