From the Principal - July 2021

From the Principal - July 2021

From the Principal – July 2021

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Celebrating the founding of St Hilda’s School 22 July 1912

Mrs McIlwraith began this week with an incursion to our main reception area to show our Prep students the stained glass window of St Hilda which guardingly sits above our entrance. St Hilda was the seventh century Abbess of Whitby; a scholar, an advocate of equal rights for women, and a woman who demonstrated extraordinary compassion for others. Assisting our girls to appreciate the history of our School, the origins of our traditions, and their role in taking forward our vision, is integral to the sense of belonging that unites our students with the girls of the past.

St Hilda’s School Under Construction – 1917

The Church Chronicle, published in 1912, boldly announces St Hilda’s School, Southport, Church of England High School for Girls, will be reorganised by Miss Bourne, who has been for many years Head Mistress of the Maryborough Girls’ grammar School. ‘Pupils’, the advertisement reads, ‘prepared for all Public Examinations’. Even in 1912, examinations were the major focus of a student’s life. Some things never change!

We are very proudly recognising the School’s foundation under the auspices of the Church of England this week with an invitation to Old Girls to a Chapel Service, and a panel of recent graduates – following careers in Animation, Marine Biology, Engineering and Property Management – sharing at Assembly their insight into the decision making that has underpinned their diverse journeys, and the knowledge and skills acquired at school which have supported achieving their goals. Our varied curriculum is one which I believe would gain Miss Bourne’s approval. In an article she wrote, “In this School we aim at versatility rather than specialisation, and at making our pupils able and ready to turn their hands to everything rather than to concentrate their efforts on one branch of study”.

We are indebted to Miss Bourne for choosing our name, St Hilda’s School, and our motto, Non Nobis Solum (Not for Ourselves Alone).  This dictum has served the School well for over a hundred years and, in these current times where all are required to be flexible to cope with continuous change, Miss Bourne’s desire for St Hilda’s to be a place of unselfish consideration for others, remains at the heart of our thinking and actions.

Memories from 1912-13

Celebrating the Angels Among Us – St Hilda’s support of the Gold Coast Women of the Year

St Hilda’s has proudly sponsored the Angels Among Us category of the Gold Coast Women of the Year since its inception three years ago. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the finalists last Friday and to hear their personal stories and what motivated them to reach out and serve others? The recipient of the 2021 Angels Among Us award was also conferred the honour of being named Gold Coast Woman of the Year. Jane Holmes started Support the Girls Australia, a not-for-profit organisation, run by women for women. Her mission to help disadvantaged women reclaim their sense of self-worth is deeply personal as Jane has experienced much of what those she now supports have endured. A question which is always foremost in our community’s thinking was the focus of these awards – How can we as a community advance the plight of others here on the Gold Coast? Each of the finalists exhibited the tenacity and selfless approach which motivates others to get inspired and encourage others.

One of our own Junior School Angels

I wanted to share with you the admirable commitment Gabrielle Aloysius, one of our Year 6 girls, is making to support those who are vulnerable in our local Gold Coast community.  Gabrielle has been working with her parents and two brothers who are TSS boys to donate 400 meals each month to the St John’s Crisis Centre.  Due to Gabrielle’s strong values and belief in Non Nobis Solum, she has become determined to help the Crisis Centre by unloading boxes and ensuring the meals directly reach those in need.

Civic Leadership

Students in Years 10 and 11 currently serving on the Gold Coast City Junior Council are continuing to explore civic leadership this term as they develop their understanding of local government. The five-meeting schedule allows our representatives, Aimee Rogers, Sienna Shen, Makenzie Newton and Amelia Salmon, to meet with peers from other schools to discuss and raise awareness of current community issues, and enhance their skills of advocacy. Along with a host of other Service Activities available to students throughout their junior and secondary years, representation on this Council is enabling our girls to form views which will shape our future. I commend to parents the information in our Service, Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Handbook, along with Co-Curricular Clubs, available on our website, as a starting point to begin a conversation with your daughter on how she might broaden her connection with her community.

Wendy Lauman

Construction Photos for the new Junior School Building – second floor poured this week!

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace