From the Principal - June 2021

From the Principal - June 2021

From the Principal – June 2021

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Personal and Organizational Growth

Each day provides us with a new opportunity to reflect, assess and reset our focus on who we want to be, and the progress we are making in achieving our ambitions. We do this as individuals, and we do this in organisations.

One of the privileges of leading a school is the time I have with others as they reflect on their personal circumstances. Often this reflection will enable an individual to step back, take a hard look at themselves, and assess how their thinking, actions, or beliefs are hindering them from being who they want to be, or in achieving their personal goals. We are all capable of growth, turning things around for ourselves when life does not go to plan, and reaching out for the support of others when we need assistance to get to where, or who, we wish to be.

As adults we have years of experience with managing our personal lives, and for most, significant opportunities in the workplace to engage with a reflection cycle. In schools, most days will present an opportunity for students to engage in reflection. How we support this process as a community is vital to living out our values of love, compassion, forgiveness, hope and grace. Equally, assisting young people to understand the consequences of their actions is our moral obligation when we as a community undertake to raise our young people to become good citizens.  To this, I hope we all aspire. Some recent incidents in our community have made us all cognizant of the importance of a reflection cycle when we meet challenging situations. Reflection is not only a personal process, but also a collaborative one. As we examine our feelings, thoughts and responses, my hope is that we learn and grow as a community.

Parent Survey

I would like to thank all the families who took the time to complete the School’s Parent Survey in early May. Good two-way communication between families and the School is essential for our students’ success.

The survey asked two open-ended questions:

  1. What are three things St Hilda’s School is doing well?
  2. What are three things you would like the School to consider for the future?

Below is a snapshot of responses from 120 of our families. Whilst this represents a small sample of our population, it reveals some key focus areas for the School moving forward.

There are clearly some reoccurring themes across the year groups and sub-schools which identify what is important to our parent community. Our priority in coming months will be to continue to develop and strengthen the areas where we are meeting expectations, and to plan and respond to areas where we can improve our focus.

Thank you to the parent who suggested more regular targeted surveys. This strategy has the potential to engage more respondents and, with this engagement, greater opportunity to set goals and communicate progress. Whilst the snapshot above provides insight, this consultation process has provided a very useful mechanism to view the many priorities parents seek to enable their daughter’s education. I look forward to continuing this review and planning with you.

Wendy Lauman

Foundation works well underway for the new Junior School Years 4-6 building.

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace