From the Principal - August 2022

From the Principal - August 2022

From the Principal – August 2022

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Students Living What We Value

The cycle of the school year is like the seasons, usually quite predictable, and very welcome.

Term 3 brings with it opportunities to celebrate goals achieved in the first semester, assessment of growth in each student’s acquisition of knowledge and skills, and a time to identify what’s next.

For some, this Term sees the culmination of training as extra-curricular activities progress to finals after many rounds of challenging competition.

To date, in our Junior School, students have represented the School well at Andrew’s Cup Meets, Reader’s Cup, and been richly rewarded with opportunities to perform at our Gala Concert, the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, and on Friday evening our Year 6 cohort performed the most moving presentation, titled “Home”, at the Wakakirri Festival. Encouraged and coached by their very creative teachers, Year 6 have been invited to perform again (date will be advised soon). I do encourage you to make attendance at this performance a priority if you enjoy an experience which showcases the role of Arts Education in building community through the exploration of humanitarian themes.

Students in the Middle/Senior School have likewise committed to QGSSSA Winter Fixtures, BSRA Rowing Regattas, performing at the Gala Concert, the Gold Coast Eisteddfod, and competing at Reader’s Cup, Model United Nations, and Gold Coast Debating. Results of fixtures and competitions are shared with the School each Friday in our Junior School and Middle/Senior School communications from Mrs Shuttlewood and Ms Upasiri; however, having been present at the Gold Coast Debating Grand Finals for the Intermediate Competition I would like to share our great pride in the success of our Intermediate A and Intermediate B teams who presented most convincing cases. Intermediate A (Tharangini Thirumurugan, Aileen Hu, Judy Zhang, Giselle Brownlee-Smith and Alexi McCarthy) were awarded 2nd on the night, and Intermediate B team (Choley Sun, Zara Meer, Ava-Lin Jackson and Audrey Kuk) were placed 1st with Choley Sun winning speaker of the night. Once again, I would like to express my thanks to our committed teachers and coaches who support the students in their endeavours for personal excellence, and our parent community whose support ensures their daughters have every opportunity to participate fully in the life of the School.

Many of our Pre-Prep parents, have been able to come on this journey of partnership with us this year. It was delightful to welcome so many to Pre-Prep’s multicultural celebrations this week which took place in Pre-Prep and our native garden. The new Yarning Circle it set quietly amongst the native trees. I suspect the visiting parents enjoyed the dancing, drumming and making of a rangoli as much as their children!

St Hilda’s is invested in the holistic growth of each student. Our mission is for each young person to be invested in developing a sense of themselves and an appreciation of how they have agency to shape their environment and serve the needs of others beyond themselves. At home, you too can further your child’s investment in their own learning through conversations where you discuss the skills of goal setting coupled with reflection and the revision of goals. A partnership between home and school where the value of self-regulation as a learning tool for positive social interaction, participation in society, and a growth mindset toward academic development, is promoted, has real potential to encourage persistence and confidence.

Our Ethics Soapbox Competition, now celebrating its seventh year, amply demonstrates the character traits and interest in the world which our motto, non nobis solum, calls for in each student. The subject chosen by each student reflects their personal desire to see change where an ethical dilemma exists. Students giving voice to what matters to them is encouraged in many forums, however, the Soapbox is completely driven by students embracing an opportunity, this year the number of students standing at the mic, extended to four lunch times, before the finals presented at this week’s assembly. My personal congratulations are extended to every individual for sharing their convictions and their courage in presenting their views to their peers and school. The success of this competition lies with the students who have appreciated the support of our Head of Faculty RE, Mrs Catherine Syms, and our teachers who commit to facilitating our International Group and Amnesty International chapter.

As our Year 12 cohort approach their External Practice Exam sessions, my final comments on this stage of the academic cycle, is to encourage every student to make the most of each hour of the school day. A determination to focus during lesson time, a deep commitment to personal growth and less emphasis on comparison to others will enable each student to experience the joy and challenge of continuous learning. We are all a work in progress; what matters is knowing that each day presents yet another opportunity to become the best version of ourselves. To this end, students in every year level can look to our Seniors for inspiration. As a cohort, their commitment to the annual ‘Ponytail Chop’, raising awareness of the active role each of us must play in accessing assistance with our health care, and contributing to funding research, they have been exemplary. To date, our Year 12s with their sponsorship have raised $36,000. Many thanks to all who support giving a deeper meaning to life and helping others to see our purpose.

Ms Wendy Lauman

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace