From the Principal - April 2022

From the Principal - April 2022

From the Principal – April 2022

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We can always depend on our Student Leaders to provide an encouraging welcome at the commencement of each term, and congratulations too, to all students in Years 2-12 who embraced the course challenges of our House Cross Country event on only the second day of school!

Owen Park took on a highly festive atmosphere with our six House Colours proudly worn by students and staff. Acacia successfully took the lead in Junior School, with Banksia accepting the trophy for Middle/Senior students.

Friday afternoon, Autumn fixtures began under some very leaden clouds and cold showers; fortunately, our ‘Dads on Duty – School Pick Up Sausage Sizzle’ was underway well before the downpour. Thank you to our Father’s Club for adding to the hospitality the school offers. Our Parents and Friends’ Association Coffee Morning for new parents, was equally well-received earlier in the week as were the breakfasts prepared for the rowers by our Rowing Parents Support Group each day at the TSS Shed.

Saturday saw our Junior girls competing in Club Netball on the Southport Carrara courts, the Debating season began and our Boarders and Student Leaders marked ANZAC Day at Broadwater Parklands, participating once again in the community march, representing our School and those who have gone before us with dignity and pride.

It was quite a first week! And, the activity mentioned is only a snapshot of the way our girls and community have taken up the Senior Prefects 2022 theme – Stand Up, Stand Out.

Staff too have returned with re-focused energy to support the holistic development of each girl. Pre-Prep and Junior School staff met with parents prior to the break to discuss each child’s progress as a learner, whilst staff teaching the middle and senior years have met with parents during the last fortnight. I appreciated the opportunity to speak with a large number of parents who were visiting campus last week and thank you for your very positive and constructive feedback. Your willingness to share your insight into your daughter’s experience, and recognition of the commitment of her teachers speaks well of the avenues we have in place to foster ongoing communication and cooperation.

As you are aware, the unpredictable environment we continue to manage with health-related issues can be unsettling for students in the classroom and with their co-curricular commitment.  It has been most encouraging to observe the growth in co-curricular involvement and in particular Club Netball with over 180 students in Years 1-12 playing on a Saturday morning or Monday afternoon. This level of participation all but ensures that each of the 16 teams will have sufficient numbers to field a team each week. For those new to the game, and for those looking to refine skills, Ms Jayne Schinckel assures me, that skill specific sessions scheduled for later this term leading into the QGSSSA season will facilitate students’ confidence and enjoyment of the game. At present I’m hopeful that we will see a student versus staff game in the not-too-distant future. The girls are likely hoping to continue their success following the student versus staff tug-of-war! This said, a huge thank you to all who played and the many spectators who supported our annual Sherilee Ramsay Memorial Game held at the end of Term 1. The photos below capture something of the intense spirit of competition between our Old Girls and our Open Basketball team.

Last week I also took the opportunity to announce the introduction of the Principal’s Visual Art Competition and Exhibition for St Hilda’s Day, on the theme ‘Embracing Joy’. In recent years, connecting with many of our Old Girls and witnessing the great pleasure they continue to have in each other’s company, suggests to me that the Archbishop’s 2022 theme is highly consistent with the culture of engagement we encourage.

The competition will be open to all age groups from Pre-Prep to Year 12; students can select from the following mediums to reflect on this theme, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, digital art, and film. The exhibition will be presented in the School Chapel, on 22 July – St Hilda’s Day. I’m sure the exhibition will add to the celebration of our OGA Centenary Year.

I look forward to sharing the term ahead with you and marking the school’s first Giving Day together on 5 May. The St Hilda’s Foundation has established this unique day as a way for us to provide a scholarship for a young woman who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience a St Hilda’s education. Our students will be supporting the launch of this day with House activities, and I hope you will consider how your family can contribute to making this scholarship possible.

Wendy Lauman

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace