From the Principal - March 2022

From the Principal - March 2022

From the Principal – March 2022

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Stand Up, Stand Out.

Four of the happiest faces greeted me at lunch time on Tuesday. Two were brimming over with joy as they shared with me how pleased they are to be Form Captains, and that they will be able to continue working for their class for a few weeks into next term. Another shared with me that she was setting up a lemonade store to raise money for those in the flood areas; we chatted happily about the Houses they belong to and the collection of Easter eggs for RizeUp and other events that they are looking forward to.

On Monday, our School Captain, Remi Long, shared with me how much she was looking forward to becoming a mentor for a student in Junior School. Remi and this year’s Prefect body unfurled their ‘Stand Up, Stand Out’ banner at the Middle/Senior School Assembly last week. COVID restrictions on assembling may have made bringing our girls together more of a challenge this term, but it has not deterred their sense of community nor their agency. Non Nobis Solum (not for ourselves alone), continues to direct a call to action.

You will have read in the weekly communications to parents from Mrs Cleverly, Mrs Shuttlewood and Ms Upasiri, how our students have responded to the Flood appeals and raised awareness of organisations such as GIVIT to assist with the direction and organisation of student’s desire to give. Social responsibility plays such an important role in a school community as our young people endeavour to make sense of and respond to events. Girls’ schools do more than just teach the curriculum; we purposefully provide space for our students to develop self-efficacy and self-confidence.

With the lifting of some COVID restrictions earlier this month, our senior students are once again able to volunteer for organisations such as Rosies – Friends on the Street. National calendar days, including the National Day of Action Against Bullying, and Harmony Day bring our community’s attention to attitudes and behaviours which need to be questioned, and focus awareness on what we individually cannot walk past. International Women’s Day provided a stage for our Amnesty and International Groups to highlight the plight of refugees leaving the Ukraine.

Learning, as always, takes place inside the classroom, and in our school, these additional opportunities to be active and informed members of society, are highly valued.

My thanks to parents and to staff who have shared stories with me over the past month describing their own actions in supporting communities in need. Your actions enable our girls to appreciate the difference each of them can make with their own contribution. Optimism and agency are qualities they will learn from those they respect.

Volunteering in our school community at present continues to be controlled by the extended Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 Direction until 24 June this year. We appreciate the challenges this presents to many who have given so much of their time and energy to the School in the past. Please be assured that as parents there are no restrictions on attending events, apart from the health guidance which applies to all venues. Parent support and attendance at Andrews’ Cup and QGSSSA Swimming, along with our Twilight Concerts and Parent Teacher Interviews have provided welcome opportunities for us to reconnect at this end of the Term. Our partnership is essential in strengthening the quality of your daughter’s experience.

With the Easter Term break in front of us, my sincere hope is that you and your family will enjoy good health and days that will enable you to share a great deal of joy and laughter! Your strength and attitude throughout this challenging start to the academic year inspires me.

Wendy Lauman

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace