From the Principal - September 2020

From the Principal - September 2020

From the Principal – September 2020

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I was buying a copy of the Weekend Australian on Saturday morning, when an older lady, waiting appropriately 1.5m distance from me as indicated by the large circle on the floor, commented that she could no longer bring herself to read the news or listen to news reports.

I agreed with her that each day it seems that all which makes the headlines and newsfeeds is discouraging. According to the World Economic Forum, however, media consumption has actually increased this year but, generationally, we are accessing different media.

Gen Z, our 8 to 23-year-olds are more likely to be listening to music than searching for the latest news updates. For the remaining 80% of the population, we are more likely updating ourselves on the latest COVID-19 information. For our community, identifying how border restrictions impact our boarding community and essential activity has possibly been at the forefront of our media engagement. With the recent announcement of some travel concessions there has been a collective sigh of relief. Staying positive when each day presents a new set of challenges to work through has been difficult for many, particularly when the media content we can choose to consume continuously presents a bleak outlook.

We are very mindful of the stressors our students and their families are working with through this pandemic and are most grateful for the communications from home, individuals reaching out to share concerns for others, and the girls proactively seeking assistance from others in our community. For many, the support of their friends and colleagues and the sense of belonging and trust which we experience in our small community helps maintain a positive mindset and psychological wellbeing.

Attending the BSRA Head of the River Rowing this year reminded me yet again of the support both our girls and their parents provide to each other. The picture of two of our Senior Rowers hugging each other at the end of the day said much about what the girls have experienced this year and the way that they have coped with the day-to-day by being there for each other. It will remain an image that will stay with me, a strong visual reminder of girls’ strength.

This week our Junior School Netballers headed to Downey Park to contest the Andrews’ Cup, and our Middle and Senior School Athletes made their way to the QSAC Stadium at Nathan competing in the QGSSSA Athletics competition. We were thrilled that the team moved forward another notch coming 7th in the Aggregate Cup and 6th in the Percentage Cup. A really commendable effort to a team who along with a host of other girls have been participating in QGSSSA Winter fixtures and the BSRA Rowing season. This weekend a number of the Rowers will be competing in the State Championships; we wish them well.

Team sports benefit girls in so many ways, but what recommends this activity at this present time is the ability of exercise to cut pressure and be a natural mood lifter, particularly when shared with others. So too, the girls continued commitment to our music program has lifted the spirits not only of the musicians and singers but also those of us who have benefited from hearing their rehearsals each afternoon. Wednesday’s Creative Arts Assembly enabled students studying film, visual media, music and drama to share their love of the Arts and inspire us with the imaginative links the works created, linking us to soulful shared experiences. Junior School’s House Dance competition struck another chord – one of absolute joy! I am very appreciate of each opportunity our teachers and students share in the creation of joy and creative inspiration.

We are looking forward to the girls continuing to ‘make their move’ and support each other through shared activity, interests and passions again next term. Over the break I hope that your family has some time to enjoy our great outdoors and engage in some of the much-loved activities that bring you and your daughter joy. Thank you for your continued engagement with the School, our staff and our community – your contribution and good faith have an enormous impact on our values and culture.

In concluding this newsletter I wanted to express our thanks and gratitude for the work and commitment of Mrs Annette Boyle who this week completes her time as Head of Boarding at St Hilda’s. Our Boarding Community, and our School have been richer for the dedication of Mrs Boyle and her efforts to ensure that our families know their daughters are in safe hands. We wish her well as she now enters a time in life where she will have some time for herself and to experience many of her delights in life once again.

Wendy Lauman

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace