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'Design' in Modern Education

Ground-breaking design a key to modern education

St Hilda’s School has an ongoing Master Plan for campus development. The plan is designed to ensure that the school stays a leading centre of education. The intent of the Master Plan is to both renovate and develop the campus. The key philosophy behind our Master Plan has been to develop the teaching facilities of the school. The school has purposely not built the ‘show’ facility that gets little use by the girls. We are an innovative school with a culture that values and encourages the voice of students. We want our facilities to enable this ambition to be fulfilled. Therefore, the focus of the Master Plan has been to build bright well-connected spaces that encourage easy interactions between the girls and our teachers.

In the Junior School the classrooms are grouped by year level. This allows the girls to grow alongside others of a similar age while being close to the older girls. Play space is always close to the classroom, there are two gyms nearby and an Olympic-size pool alongside of one of the gyms.

In the secondary school the Middle School classrooms are grouped together but the girls are encouraged to mingle with the older girls in the cafeteria. We have recently opened a new Senior School, a $9 million complex with ground-breaking designs that are key in delivering a ‘modern education’.

Guest of Honour at the official opening on Friday 20 March 2015 was His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The $9 million ‘complex’ includes the three-level Jennifer Reeves Building, the Careers and Learning Enhancement Centre, the Turbayne Sports Centre and conversion of the existing Molphy building classrooms into a Hospitality teaching and kitchen space, as well as civil works for car parking and access. The centerpiece is the Jennifer Reeves Building, which is described as ‘corporate’ and ‘interactive’ and ‘business-like’.  The design features, such as a recording studio and open plan learning environments, enable the many and varied ‘voices’ of young women to find a place, a space and unlimited opportunities for interaction, expression and sharing of ideas, hallmarks of successful leadership.


Level 3

  • An open-plan library and seven glass-walled Humanities classrooms for seamless learning and interaction between students and resources
  • Steel mesh wraps part of the Jennifer Reeves Building and features various icons of the school such as the Core Values of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace; an Ammonite which is central to the school badge; and the School Motto Non Nobis Solum – a process that challenged a local product supplier to be innovative past traditional presentations
  • Steel mesh was used for corporate aesthetic appeal and to reduce heat load on the building, thereby improving its green credentials
  • Panoramic views of the Del Mellefont Oval

Level 2

  • 7 large classrooms – 25% larger than a traditional classroom, allowing for formal and casual learning interactions
  • Glass internal and external walls which enable direct visual interaction with outside activities and ease of movement to/from casual external spaces
  • Glass walls and white desks in classrooms that act as a canvas for writing, learning, sharing of ideas
  • Moveable walls that open to create large interactive spaces for examinations at one end of the scale and casual community gatherings at the other.
  • St Hilda’s Learning Institute, a free online program that has earned St Hilda’s the status of being an Apple Accredited School for its advanced approaches to online learning. St Hilda’s is now the ‘most published secondary school’ in the world on the Apple iTunesU forum, where staff are publishing free courses that support the Australian curriculum; and which provide challenging opportunities for professional development
  • Learn about Classroom Technology

Level 1

  • A stage for planned and spontaneous presentations by students
  • A DJ booth to facilitate a community radio station that will be operated by senior students
  • Coffee shop for daily student and staff interaction, conversations and the spreading of ideas
  • A wide mix of seating areas and styles for small, medium and large groups, giving flexibility to group conversations. This approach is supported by research into learning success, suggesting one type of space does not suit all learners and that a variety of styles is required to maximize participation by students
  • 200-seat cafeteria and coffee shop and self-preparation areas for lunches, morning teas and future programs that will enable families and students to tailor their before/after school learning, tutorial and co-curricular involvement
  • The building links the Careers and Learning Enhancement Centre which is designed with a common lounge area for greater synergy and identification of student needs
  • The building is linked via external terrace areas to sporting facilities such as the newly-refurbished netball courts, tennis courts, the Turbayne Sports Centre and the school oval
Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace