Safeguarding Students Policies

Safeguarding Students Policies

Statement of Commitment

Anglican Schools and Education and Care Services are committed to providing environments where children and young people receive the highest standard of care, where their rights are supported, and they have opportunity to thrive and be fruitful. Such environments nurture and safeguard the intelligence, dignity, safety and wellbeing of each child or young person, by placing them at the centre of thought, values and actions.

As reflected in our Ethos, our vocation is education, driven in a vision of humanity, shaped by the image of God made visible in Jesus, present in every human being.

  • Every child: made in the image and likeness of God.
  • Every child: loveable and loved, unique and unrepeatable.
  • Outstanding education for the flourishing of people and the good of community.

Our faith is lived. We are hospitable and welcoming communities, who embody compassion, kindness, fairness, justice and love, where exceptional pastoral care is practiced.

Working and serving the best interests of children and young people is in everyone’s best interest. This is achieved through sustaining living and learning environments that are safe, supportive and stimulating. Specifically, we:

  • place emphasis on genuine engagement with children and young people;
  • create conditions that reduce the likelihood of harm to children and young people;
  • create conditions that increase the likelihood of identifying harm where it exists; and
  • respond swiftly and appropriately to any concerns, disclosures, allegations or suspicions.

This commitment is sought to be consistently reflected through the decisions and behaviour of all persons within the School or Service, who are guided by effective governance, policies, tools and processes. This fosters a child safe culture, where acting in children and young people’s best interests is at the heart of what we do.

 Safeguarding Students Policies

The Diocese of Brisbane and St Hilda’s School are committed to the wellbeing and holistic development of students. This policy, together with the Diocesan Code of Conduct, applies to all Anglican Schools. It encourages and supports the Schools in their commitment to offering a safe, supportive and ethical environment for students.

St Hilda’s School Pre-Preparatory and OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) Safeguarding our Students Policies and Procedures may be found under the Pre-Prep section of the website.

St Hilda’s School Principal
Ms Wendy Lauman

Student Protection Officers

  • Deputy Principal – Mrs Nicole Devlin
  • Head of Students, Research and Engagement – Ms Sheri Upasiri
  • Head of Junior School – Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood
  • School Psychologist – Miss Tamara Sheppard
  • Deputy Head of Junior School – Mrs Melissa Wilkins
  • Coordinator of Student Initiatives – Ms Katherine Holmes
  • Head of Athena & Director of Pre-Preparatory – Mrs Lisa Cleverly

Child Protection

Community Responsibilities

School Culture





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