Safeguarding Students Policies

Statement of Commitment

St Hilda’s School Gold Coast supports the rights of children and is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of students. St Hilda’s School is therefore committed to responding to allegations of student harm resulting from the conduct or actions of any person including that of employees.

This commitment includes the provision of a safe and supportive living and learning environment for all students and requires all employees, volunteers and visitors to model and encourage behaviour that upholds the dignity and protection of students from harm.

In support of this commitment, St Hilda’s School is dedicated to our Child and Youth Risk Management strategy which includes having relevant policies, procedures and training in place to effectively address the safety and wellbeing of students in our care.

 Safeguarding Students Policies

The Diocese of Brisbane and St Hilda’s School are committed to the wellbeing and holistic development of students. This policy, together with the Diocesan Code of Conduct, applies to all Anglican Schools. It encourages and supports the Schools in their commitment to offering a safe, supportive and ethical environment for students.

St Hilda’s School Pre-Preparatory and OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) Safeguarding our Students Policies and Procedures may be found under the Pre-Prep section of the website.

St Hilda’s School Principal
Dr Julie Wilson Reynolds

Student Protection Officers
Deputy Principal, School Counsellors, Head of Senior School, Deputy Head of Junior School, Coordinator Prep-Year 2, Head of Athena & Director of Pre-Preparatory.

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