Junior School News - 23 August 2018

Junior School News - 23 August 2018

Junior School News – 23 August 2018

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It is hard to believe we are half way through Term 3.  Personally, I continue to pinch myself every morning when I rise to yet another sunny double digit temperature.  The move to the Gold Coast has been an excellent one.

Further to the launch of the Strategic Plan 2018 – 2025, we have begun to enact the first stages of initiatives in both the Learning and Enriching platforms.

The initial phases are mostly preparatory: analyzing data, questioning past practice, creatively problem solving and identifying strengths and weaknesses.  Working parties have been working to review the Structure of the Day, our Approach to Learning Enhancement and our Personal Development programs.  My sincere thanks to all staff involved for their time and expertise,and particularly to Nina Lee, Katherine Holmes and Melissa Wilkins, respectively, for leading these groups.

The Structure of the Day group has considered ways to minimise interruptions to key learning times, literacy and numeracy block teaching times for whole cohorts to work together and ways to facilitate differentiation through flexible grouping.

The Learning Enhancement group has been clarifying purpose, analyzing student data, considering obstacles and potential areas of strength and improvement.

We are currently trialling the Personal Development Program with Year 5 students. Further information on these initiatives will be shared in the next Newsletter.

Cyber Safety

Cyber safety and students’ digital wellbeing are a continuous focus for us and our young users of digital technology. Ensuring our girls are safe and responsible whilst online is imperative. There are numerous resources on the internet to educate both parents and children about the safe navigation of the many different platforms and online avenues that are available. To aid in careful and educated online choices staff frequently speak with the girls about their online profiles and choices as reiterated by Brett Lee who shared his online safety tips with the girls earlier this year. As the importance of cyber safety can never be underestimated, I have again included some important links below from earlier in the year. We hope you find these valuable.

More information and some great resources for families can be sourced through the following links:

Additionally, Google has developed an excellent resource/game about online safety called, ‘Google Interland’. It is a fun and interactive way for the girls to learn about issues relating to cyber safety. Be internet awesome with Google

Angels Kitchens – Request for Donations

Since early 2016, Mary and Lucy Nash have attended Southport Community Centre every Sunday with donations they collect weekly for Angels Kitchens.  Angles Kitchens is a community outreach facility established for providing a home cooked, sit-down, waited on meal each Sunday to those who require food assistance on weekends.  The classmates of Mary and Lucy have taken their empathy and compassion on board by donating items for Angels Kitchen along with the Year 5 & 6 Teachers who have also supported the students.

Mary and Lucy spoke with members of Angels Kitchen to decide what item would help them in their time of need.  The request was for snack food that they can eat between meals.  After many discussions the decision was made to collect cans of tuna and bowls of noodles (as hot water can be sourced in many parks).  Since June 2016 Mary and Lucy continue to collect noodles and cans of tuna and attend weekly to hand out these donations.

If you would like to join Mary and Lucy Nash by supporting this great cause, you can donate tuna cans and noodles for Angels Kitchens by dropping these items to Junior School Reception.

Year 4 Excursions

The Year 4s have enjoyed two excursions. The first was to The Light Horse Museum and the second was a Bike Education Safety Excursion.

Bike Education:

“Bike Ed was amazing! We learnt about road-safety rules and what the signs mean. We got to ride on a track that looked like a road. We had to stop at traffic lights and if we did the wrong thing we were sent to pretend jail. I loved free time where we got to stop at the traffic lights.”  Minty Garrett

“It was a challenging experience in Bike Ed. There was a jail! You had to learn the road rules to avoid being sent to jail. My favourite part was when we had free time and we got to use the knowledge that we had learnt and go around the tracks on our bicycles.” Nikita Rogers

Light Horse Museum:

“It was really fun to experience the amazing historical facts”. Liza Khan

“I met someone who was in the War with my Grandfather and they were going for a meeting together after our excursion!”  Georgia Thomasson

“The excursion was really interesting as you got to see all of the equipment that the men used during the war. You also got to learn about the women and the important role they played while the men were at war. I liked learning about what they wore and the role the horses played in the war”.  Amelia Sidhu

Tracey Maynard
Head of Junior School 


Fiver for a Farmer Day – Monday 13 August

Students were asked to dress up as farmers and donate $5 to the drought appeal. The SRC were pleased to announce that they have raised $2972.45. A fantastic effort. Thank you to all for the kind donations.

Michelle Bosiljevac
Year 6 Teacher

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