Junior School News - July 2019

Junior School News - July 2019

Junior School News – July 2019

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From the Acting Head of Junior School

Term 3 began with a chill in the air and the warmth of chatter and smiles as the girls reconnected with each other and their teachers.  New students and families eagerly took their first steps into our beloved St Hilda’s School community and were warmly welcomed by all.

Needless to say, the promise of Term 3 awaits with events, challenges and growth to look forward to and certainly the first week has not disappointed. The ‘Royal Gala’ Music Concert was held on Saturday night and saw many months of music rehearsal come to fruition as the girls proudly took their places on stage as members of ensembles and choirs. The girls should be very proud of their achievements. One of the many highlights was that of the finale as musicians from across the School came together to sing and play, ‘The Circle of Life’ – a very special moment.

As we look forward, we are eagerly preparing for the many delights that are to come. The Pre-Prep and Prep students will this week participate in their Gymnastic Carnivals and showcase their developing skills. Year 1 and Year 2 will continue their journey of embracing, understanding and putting into practice their chess skills. Year 6 will sharpen their general book knowledge as they tackle the Year 6 TSS boys to contest the Readers’ Cup. Our Andrew’s Cup Netball team will train hard to prepare for their upcoming competition on Thursday in Brisbane.

I wish your daughter all the best in her endeavours both inside and outside of the classroom in Term 3. I invite girls to embrace challenge, develop resilience and above everything else, experience the growth that comes from this, for it is when we step outside our comfort zone that learning evolves.

Staffing News

It has been delightful to share the exciting news of the welcoming of three baby boys from staff over the recent break. Leigh and Justin Murillo welcomed baby Rainer Pearce Murillo on 23 June. Andrew and Lauren Clark welcomed baby Edison Jude Clark on 28 June and, finally, Trent and Soraya Uebergang welcomed Caspian Jay Uebergang on 15 July. I am sure you will join me in wishing these families many special moments together and the blessings of good health and happiness as they become accustomed to their new lives with their gorgeous boys.

It is with regret I inform you of the recent resignation of Sam Birch, our Head of Curriculum – Junior School. Sam has decided to tackle a new challenge at another school. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and thank her for her contribution. During Term 3, the Student Learning Leaders at each year level will deepen their curriculum focus to ensure our strategic direction continues to be clear and prominent.

As I step into the Acting Head of Junior School position for this term, we also welcome Ms Katherine Holmes into the role of Acting Deputy Head of Junior School. Katherine will assist in the day-to-day operation of the Junior School and will also adopt a supportive pastoral role. In Katherine’s absence as Student Learning Leader in Year 1 for Term 3, Mrs Ali Wood will assume this responsibility. We look forward to a busy and productive term.

Melissa Wilkins
Acting Head of Junior School

Clubs and Co-Curricular Commitments

Safety of girls is our priority. This commitment extends to after school activities as well. At the beginning of all co-curricular activities, a roll will be taken and parents notified of any absence. To assist with this process could we please ask parents to contact the school to advise of any absences prior to 3pm to ensure we avoid unnecessary confusion. Junior School Reception can be contacted on 5577 7230 or JSReception@sthildas.qld.edu.au .

Parents are required to collect their daughters from the venue at the advertised finishing time. Any students remaining after this time will be accompanied to and booked into After School Care. Please be advised that in these circumstances, After School Care charges will apply.

Important Information  –  Afternoon Pick Up  / OSHC
Year Pick Up Time Students not collected prior to 3.45pm Afterschool Care –

Abbey Rooms 4 & 5

Prep – Year 3 3.25pm Afterschool Care Charges apply from 3.45pm until collected
Year 4 – Year 6 3.25pm Library until 4.30pm then Afterschool Care Charges apply from 4.30pm until collected

For enquires regarding Afterschool Care, please contact Mrs Amanda Robards OSHC@sthildas.qld.edu.au

From the Acting Deputy Head of Junior School

At the commencement of Term 3, Junior School Staff reflected on the view of Claire Brown from Victorian University, “High quality, continuous professional learning is critical for keeping teachers’ skills and knowledge relevant” (Education Review, 2019).  Under the umbrella of the St Hilda’s Junior School’s emotional and social framework “G.R.O.W”, Liz Giovas, our St Hilda’s School Counsellor, recently shared her professional insight about working with students with anxiety.

Liz recently completed her Masters in Family Studies (Distinction) and it was during this that she developed material for educators and parents on dealing with the early signs of anxious behavior.  She shared this material with the teachers of the Junior School and positioned an ordered set of strategies which can be recognised via the acronym SOAR. These strategies aim to assist students who may feel overwhelmed by feelings of worry, nervousness or unease. Simple yet effective, SOAR is highly helpful in empowering teachers, parents and students to explain how best to manage anxiety:

Look at your OPTIONS
Pick an ACTION

Students are capable of doing amazing things with the right toolkit and information.  Liz’s expert knowledge about anxiety and her facilitation of how best to care for our girls when they feel overwhelmed is a powerful step in teachers supporting students with anxiety.

Brown, C, 2019. Education Review, accessed 21 July 2019, www.educationreview.com.au

Katherine Holmes
Acting Deputy Head of Junior School

From Year 3

Jellaurgul Culture Centre

Last week the Year 3 girls had a beautiful and memorable excursion to Jellurgal Cultural Centre.  We had beautiful weather for a lovely walk through the Burleigh National Park with Yugambeh guides sharing stories and information with us.  It was incredible to hear of the amazingly clever ways that Indigenous people lived off, cared for and respected the land and all that it provides.  The students have shared some of their highlights below.

It was interesting how the Yugambeh would put toxic berries in a dilly bag in the salt water between some rocks.  They would come back a few days later and could eat the berries because the poison was washed away.   Olivia, 3V

I loved hearing all the different Dreamtime stories that were passed down by the elders.  Arizona, 3L

It was great learning how to make ochre.  Indigenous people would use it on their skin so they didn’t get bitten by mosquitos, to help stop sunburn and they would paint it on so they could go to different territories.  Mila, 3S

I found it really fun to learn how to do Aboriginal dances and play all the different musical instruments.   Ava, 3V

Indigenous people didn’t use plastic bags, which are bad for the environment, so I am going to try and not use as much plastic.  Bella, 3S

I learnt that it is important to care for the land and animals and to pay respect to the Yugambeh people.  The Yugambeh people looked after the land and animals for a long time and we should stop hurting the land and think about how the Yugambeh people looked after the land.  Eva, 3L

From Year 6

What a fun, fantastic and frantic last week of term we had in Year 6. Our last week saw our girls participating in The Qld Schools eSports League, host their parents at our ‘The Arrival’ Showcase Evening, and successfully run their own businesses as part of the $20 Boss program.

The Queensland Schools eSports League

The Queensland Schools eSports League brought together Year 6 and Year 7 participants from St Hilda’s, TSS, Emmanuel College, Coomera Anglican College, St Stephen’s College, Ormiston College, St John’s Anglican College and Hillcrest Christian College. Competitors battled each other in a puzzle-based challenge using Tetris. Our girls represented our school with pride and fought hard during the challenges. The Queensland Schools eSports League provides upper primary and lower secondary school students with a safe, competitive and challenging eSports opportunity. The latest statistics surrounding 9-13 year old students indicate that over 70% of this age bracket have played an eSports title in the last 3 months. Alarmingly, 60% of these students have also reported encountering in-game online bullying and trolling. The Queensland Schools eSports League provides a safe, face-to-face, respectful community where students can come together, represent their schools and compete against their peers.

‘The Arrival’ Showcase Evening

The Year 6 students spent all of term 2 studying and deconstructing Shaun Tan’s graphic novel, The Arrival, as part of our literature study that linked to our Humanities unit on Immigration. During this novel study, our girls developed their inferring and comprehension skills while gaining meaning through Shaun Tan’s incredible imagery. The narrative genre underpinned this unit of work, and our girls were able to apply their understanding of Australian Immigration from their Humanities unit, which enabled the girls to create detailed narratives that showed empathy towards the plight of refugees and displaced people in our world. Once their narratives were complete, the girls then used digital tools to further consolidate their understanding and develop creative and critical-thinking skills. Girls used GarageBand to record powerful soundscapes that brought their narratives to life and then used AR/VR software and Merge Cubes to create an AR experience for their parents to view during the showcase. Our girls loved using their crafting skills to make replica suitcases similar to those used by early immigrants to Australia. Watch our video below:

$20 Boss

$20 Boss is an immersive entrepreneurship program, designed by the Foundation for Young Australians. $20 Boss highlights the importance of business and enterprise skills for the Australian economy and for building a resilient society. Students work in teams and use $20 of start-up capital to create, launch and operate their venture over the course of a school term. Our girls chose two charities, St John’s Anglican Crisis Centre and ABRI Aged Care as the beneficiaries to all profits generated during our Market Day. They worked tirelessly to create their business ventures which included Donut Sales, Ice Cream sales, various games and challenges, fresh lemonade, cookie decorations and a range of other creative business enterprises. Over the course of one lunchtime, our girls generated over $800 of profit for our two worthy charities. Check out our Market Day video below:


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