Junior School News - October 2019

Junior School News - October 2019

Junior School News – October 2019

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I would like to welcome our St Hilda’s families and students back to school for an exciting Term 4, and extend a very warm welcome to our new students and families who are joining us this term.  We were pleased to introduce our new students to the Junior School community at our first assembly last Friday.

I sincerely hope you all had a restful break and are completely refreshed and ready for a great new start to the final term of 2019.

Afternoon Tea

I am thrilled to join the Junior School team and I would like to thank those families who were able to attend the afternoon tea last Thursday.  It was wonderful to meet so many parents and members of the St Hilda’s community.

Staff News

During our first assembly for Term Four, we welcomed back Mrs Wilkins who enjoyed well-deserved leave.  We also welcomed back Mr Uebergang who enjoyed valuable time with his wife and their new baby.  Congratulations were also shared for Miss Bennetts who married Mr Doyle during the September holidays.  This term, Mr Moore is taking leave and Mrs Cubit is replacing Mr Moore during this time.  Welcome to Mrs Cubit.

Years 3 and 4 Camps

We wish our Years 3 and 4 girls all the very best as they set forth on their camp adventures this week.  Year 3 will be visiting Tyalgum Ridge, a beautiful camp set in the Northern New South Wales countryside.  The Year 4 girls will be participating in an exciting beach camp located at Lake Ainsworth, along the Northern New South Wales coastline.

NAPLAN School Readiness Testing

The first week of this term has been a very busy one.  The girls in Years 3 and 5 assisted the School by completing the NAPLAN School Readiness Testing.  This process was a test of the School’s technical, physical and human resources in preparation for moving to the online delivery of NAPLAN testing.  The tests allowed the School to have all of the Years 3 and 5 Junior School students logged into the NAPLAN online trial site at the one time, and for our staff to monitor and collect information on any technical disruptions that may have occurred.  I am pleased to report that our systems handled the demand extremely well and without concern.  The girls and teachers reported that they enjoyed using the online testing platform.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the NAPLAN School Readiness Testing.

Commonwealth Student Banking

Congratulations to the girls in Year 3S on receiving the award for the class who completed the most amount of banking last week.  The banking program is a very beneficial approach to teaching the girls about money and how to be a responsible saver.

I encourage our Junior School girls to earn pocket money by completing a few chores around home and to bank some of their earnings through their Commonwealth Bank Book each Wednesday.  For more information, please contact Junior School Reception.

Important Dates Term 4 – 2019

Term Four is very busy for our Junior School families.  Please find below a few important dates for this term to add to your home calendar.

16-18 October Years 3 and 4 Camp
16 October 2020 Pre-Prep Parent Information Evening
18 October Year 6 Parent Meeting regarding Year 6 transition to Middle School
21 October Staff Day – Students do not attend School
8 November Principal’s OGA Cocktail Party
11-13 November Year 5 Camp
18-22 November Junior School Book Fair
20 November Pre-Prep Christmas Concert
21 November Year 6 Farewell Chapel Service
22 November Prep – Year 6 Christmas Carols
28 November Speech Day

Hints for helping your daughter settle into the routines of being back at school

Many students have settled into the routines of their classroom and have a greater understanding of learning expectations by the time Term 4 arrives.  However, holiday times do create a disruption to the usual term time routines.

Following are a few tips to help your daughter prepare for a successful start to Term 4:

  • Re-establish school day routines after the holidays. Maintain consistent waking and going to bed times, identify times for homework, sport and relaxation.
  • Create a timetable together and display the timetable in a location that your daughter can use to prepare for each day i.e. days sport items or music instruments are required or when assessment items are due.  The timetable can also include the times allocated for homework, sport commitments and relaxation.
  • Establish a daily reading routine. This could be included in the homework time or it may suit to read in the morning before school.
  • It is also important to establish a daily number routine. Encourage your daughter to spend five minutes skip counting in a variety of sequences and patterns e.g. 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, recalling times tables or addition and subtraction facts or solving simple word problems.  These activities could be included in homework time or when you are driving to and from school.
  • Help your child set three or four personal goals to work towards during the term. The goals may be focused on personal habits, learning achievements and/or extra-curricular areas such as sport or music.
  • Personal responsibilities – encourage your daughter to develop personal responsibility by packing her own bag, assisting with the organisation of her lunchbox and helping with chores around home. By being part of these responsibilities, your daughter will develop her self-efficacy and strengthen her resilience and persistence to embrace challenges.
  • Growth Mindset – help your daughter to focus on strengthening her growth mindset. Eliminate ‘I can’t’ from your vocabulary and your daughter’s language and replace it with “I will keep trying” and “I will reflect and try a different way to reach my goal”.  A reminder to encourage and praise effort as well as achievement, as it is the effort and hard work habits that are very important to enable your daughter to tackle future challenges.

In addition to preparing to start a new term, students need to prepare to re-engage with friends, to work cooperatively with others and to negotiate social interactions in the classroom and in the playground.  Teachers will remind the girls about the benefits of being patient, communicating calmly, using their manners, showing kindness and compromising.  Five top social rules to consider are:

  • Social Rule #1: Meet and greet politely
  • Social Rule #2: Take turns talking
  • Social Rule #3: Pay attention to others and listen
  • Social Rule #4: Think about others before acting
  • Social Rule #5: Cooperate with others – be flexible, ask for help, apologise when necessary

If you wish to discuss any of the points above, please provide your daughter with examples or scenarios so that you can talk through how to manage different situations.  This process will support your child as they start a new term playing and working with many friends at school.

I look forward to working with our wonderful girls, teachers and parents during a productive and rewarding Term 4.

Warm regards,

Amanda Shuttlewood
Head of Junior School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace