Junior School News - September 2019

Junior School News - September 2019

Junior School News – September 2019

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Philosopher and theologian Soren Kierkegaard’s notion as cited in Atkins (2016) that “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards’’ resonates powerfully with the approach of well-deserved September holidays and the conclusion of a vibrant and gratifying Term 3. An adventure to TSS by Prep, Year 1 Big Bang Incursion, Year 2 Chess Competition, Pre-Prep – Year 1 Sports Carnivals, Year 3 Stargazing with TSS, Year 4 Bike Education, Year 5 Qld Theatre Company visit to view the Storm Boy, eSports in The Year 6 Learning Hub, Acacia Fundraising Day, Junior School Disco, Father/Grandfather Breakfasts, Child Protection Week and Scrub Up September filled our minds and hearts with joy and wonder.

As the talented staff and students who make up our Junior School reflect on the teaching and learning that took place in Term 3, we also honour the wealth of effort and achievement and the multitude of occasions and initiatives that were worthy of celebration within our remarkable community:

‘Groovin in Gold’ Disco

The Junior School Disco continues to be a much-loved annual event that the School Community supports with great enthusiasm.

On Thursday 29 August, 360 Junior School students, 15 Year 11 students, staff and parent volunteers enjoyed a night filled with lights, music, games, dancing, glow sticks and sausages!  The 2019 theme ‘Groovin in Gold’ was enjoyed by all, including staff, who dressed to impress and showed off their moves on the dance floor.

Sincere thanks must go to all parents, staff and family friends who support this event each year and give generously of their time on the day.  All proceeds from this event will be shared between Acacia, Grevillea and Tristania House Charities.

See you on the dance floor next year!

Mrs Joanne Grimmer
Junior School Librarian

So You Think You Can Dance   

The Caedmon Centre was a buzz of excitement as our finalists gathered for the final of SYTYCD 2019. The competition began in Week 8 with the heats for Year 4, 5 and 6. The winner from each year level was selected for the Solo and Small Group division. It was an extremely tight competition between all competitors and the judges had a tough decision.

The winner of the solo competition was Ava Scott (Year 5) and the Small Group division winner was a duo, Sienna Markovitch and Sloane Dacey (Year 6).

The second part of our grand final was a Dance Battle between Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. Year 5 took home the trophy for 2019. A huge congratulations to all competitors for their wonderful efforts.

Mrs Michelle Bosiljevac
Year 5 Teacher

Griffith University Science Competition, Queensland Academies Griffith University, 26 August 2019

Entrants – Zoe Baird and Nina Strangman (Year 5)

Our project was about the recycling crisis in Australia and how to solve it. We were concerned with the amount of items that were being recycled incorrectly and how much of what we think can be recycled, ends up as landfill.

With the help of our teacher, Mrs Bosiljevac, we completed a survey at school to find out if our community was knowledgeable about recycling. The results were lower than expected so we are hoping to organise activities to increase awareness.

In conjunction with Pre-Prep, we are now collecting bottle lids to support ‘Lids for Kids’. This organisation melts down bottle lids and creates 3D artificial limbs for children with amputations.

Thank you to our teachers and School community for your support and help. Our goal is a greener planet.

Zoe Baird and Nina Strangman, Year 5

Big Bang Education

On Tuesday 3 September, Year 1 had the wonderful opportunity of participating in a science workshop run by a professional science educator, Brett Pearce, from Big Bang Education.

The workshop allowed us to use and play with equipment that demonstrated the concepts of light and sound, relevant to the curriculum we are learning this Term. Different sources of light, including the sun, were discussed and explored, and we used a variety of equipment to view rainbows created from sunlight and artificial light. We were introduced to the concept of light and colour and why we can see colours. We learnt about different types of light, including UV light from the sun, and why this type of light is dangerous. The girls made a UV detecting bracelet and wore some special 3D rainbow glasses.

To finish, we explored and used a range of different toys and objects that made different sounds. The girls were asked to decide on the action used to create sounds from particular objects.  Brett then helped the girls to sort the objects into categories according to the sounds they made and we created a venn diagram on the floor.

It was an amazing presentation, sparking curiosity, investigation and loads of fun!

Year 3 – Stargazing

On Thursday, 12 September Year 3 hosted their peers from TSS for a very special evening peering through telescopes and marvelling at some of the wonders of our universe including Jupiter, Saturn, the moon and a constellation known as the Butterfly Cluster. integrating their current unit of study

The evening began with a sausage sizzle before groups looked through high-powered telescopes and watched a film about space projected onto an enormous dome.

It was wonderful to see students learn about space in a fun and interactive way which integrated their current unit of study. To see the rings of Saturn and the craters of the moon in vivid detail was a remarkable experience.

A huge thank you to the wonderful parents who cooked a sausage sizzle for the students.  Your assistance was very much appreciated.  The girls had a fantastic time and enjoyed sharing the experience with Year 3 TSS students.

  • I found it really interesting to see the craters on the moon so close up.  Tiffany, 3L
  • I liked seeing the Butterfly Constellation. It was like a dot to dot of stars making a butterfly.  Darcy, 3L
  • I loved seeing the planets through the telescope.  They looked really close up even though they are millions and millions of kilometres away.  Sophie, 3L
  • Looking through the telescopes and seeing the rings of Saturn and the colours of Jupiter was interesting.  Mackenzie, 3V
  • I thought it was amazing that we looked through such a small telescope and we saw so much detail on Saturn.  Jessica, 3V
  • I loved being in the big dome because it felt like you were in space, with no gravity.  Juliet, 3S
  • I loved the telescopes because I have never seen Jupiter, Saturn or the moon through a telescope before.  Sophie P, 3S
  • I liked that we didn’t do it by ourselves and we go to experience it with the TSS boys.  Ella, 3S

Mrs Nina Lee
Year 3 Teacher

Year 6 Host Round 2 of the Qld Schools eSports League

On Friday 6 September, the Year 6 Hub was transformed into the Battle Arena for the Round 2 Finals of the Qld Schools eSports League.

Over 45 students from 15 Queensland schools attended to represent their schools in the world’s fastest growing sport, eSports. St Hilda’s is home to Queensland’s only eSports competition for students under 13 years of age.

Next year, this initiative will expand into New South Wales and Victoria, making it Australia’s largest eSports League for students under 13 years of age. The schools in attendance in during the Round 2 Final included schools from as far as Ipswich, Beaudesert and The Sunshine Coast along with a number of schools from the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

The competition was supported by industry partners Flaktest Gaming and Nvoke Future Learning, who were both in attendance and complimented our girls on their impeccable manners, behaviour and friendliness. Many of our Year 6 students worked as ambassadors and were instrumental in the success of the day. The competition was fierce and the level of excitement throughout the day was fantastic. The structure of the day placed a great focus on students understanding the eSafety Commissioner’s 4Rs policy of Respect, Resilience, Reasoning and Responsibility, which reinforces the ways in which our students can be safe online. Furthermore, at the heart of the competition lies the fundamentals of sportsmanship and encouragement, both of which were highlights on display throughout the day.

The Channel 7 News sent along a film crew to capture highlights of the day, which can be viewed here:

We look forward to hosting the Round 3 finals next term with our girls keen to challenge for the prestigious eSports Cup once more.

Mr Dan Martinez
Coordinator of Innovation and Learning

Central to the Junior School learning journey, whole-person development and a strong sense of belonging are integral as powerful evidence links increased student wellbeing with improved academic success. With the release of Term 3 Interim Effort ratings and upcoming Parent Teacher interviews on 20 September, your daughter’s progress forms the basis of ongoing collaborative conversations and investigation about how to enhance not only student learning but inform teaching initiatives. We very much look forward to meeting with you on this Pupil Free Day. Peter Senge, author, researcher and educator believes that ‘Learning is all about connections and through our connections with unique people we are able to gain a true understanding of the world around us”. This supports our conviction that our community matters and strong associations with our students and their families are the bedrock of our operations.

Ongoing commitment to positive behaviours that preserve wellbeing is vital, but I also encourage students, staff and our parent body to refuel mentally, emotionally and physically during this September holiday period.  Caregivers, what do you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of others and ensure a balanced life?  Diet, sleep, exercise, laughter, green light activities that fill your soul and time out from technology are all examples of intentional and advantageous ways of living that may be integrated as routines and rituals in the frenetic nature of day to day life (Life In Mind, 2019).

I wish you time away, permission to not be helpful, something “unproductive”, connection to art and nature, solitude to recharge, a break from responsibility, stillness to decompress, safe space and alone time at home (Enneagram Nine Types Co, @ninetpyesco, 2019). It has been a privilege to walk beside the teachers and girls in the position of Acting Deputy Head of Junior School this Term.

Ms Katherine Holmes
Acting Deputy Head of Junior School


Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace