Leadership and House

Leadership and House

Junior School leadership opportunities begin in Year 3. Students in Years 3 and 4 are elected to take up the position of Form Captain for a term, as a result of receiving peer support and displaying behaviour that upholds our school motto, Non Nobis Solum – Not for Ourselves Alone. Year 3 students are also eligible to apply to be Chapel Wardens.

In Years 5 and 6, as a result of growing maturity and a clearer understanding of the demands of leadership, two students from each class are elected to the position of Form Captain for one semester. Year 5 students may also apply to be Chapel Wardens or Library Monitors.

Student Council Representatives are elected from each class in Years 3 to 6.

Year 6 students are provided with further opportunities to display their leadership skills. Positions available at this level include Junior School Captain and Vice Captain, House Captains and Vice Captains, Student Council Representatives and Captains of Sport, Music, Performing and Visual Arts.

Student Leaders

Junior School Captain: Alexi McCarthy
Junior School Vice Captain: Abby Long

The Junior School has a dynamic and well-established House system. Three Houses, Acacia, Grevillea and Tristania are a home-away-from-home to our students. The Houses participate in academic, sporting and cultural activities, vying for the prestigious House Trophy presented each year at Speech Day.

The House system is about more than competition. It is about supporting students pastorally and fostering them in a commitment to community service. The Junior School has long been a supporter of the Anglican Crisis Centre at Surfers Paradise. Support has resulted in monetary contributions as well as donations of goods to assist the organisation’s charitable works.

Each of the three Houses also support their adopted charity. Acacia is a friend of Abri Aged Care Facility,
Grevillea the Animal Welfare League and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Hospital Foundation has benefitted from the support of Tristania House.

Student Council Leaders

  • President: Olivia Maddison
  • Secretary: Mary Nash
  • Treasurer: Zara Meer

Captains of Sport

  • Athletics: Dior Scholz
  • Basketball: Sophie Hateley
  • Cross Country: Scarlett Goodman
  • Gymnastics: Anna Hwang, Lauren Mair
  • Netball: Georgia Frame, Asharna Smith
  • Softball: Jemma Kowalczuk
  • Swimming: Lili Baumann
  • Tennis: Alize Yarwood
  • Touch: Tahlia Brown

Captains of Visual Arts

  • Layla Matigian
  • Li-A Peng
  • Nell Ryan
  • Tahlia Stride

Captains of Performing Arts

  • Eliza Goldschmied
  • Trinity McIntyre
  • Luci-Jill Seabrook
  • Shivani Whala

Captains of Music

  • Caitlin Reid
  • Choley Sun
  • Kate Taylor
  • Flora Yang

House Acacia

Life presents us with new challenges, new hopes and new goals in which to strive. As members of Acacia House we endeavour to ‘Strive with Might’, to lead by example, to work together and to support each other and our local community with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope and Grace. We welcome new members to Acacia House with a smile and always show respect for ourselves and for others. Our motto ‘Strive with Might’, was inspired by our school song and encompasses our attitude towards all in which we participate. The Acacia House mascot, the Bumble-Bee, symbolises determination and effort and all members of Acacia House know that it is possible to achieve anything as a team.  Together Everyone Achieves More!

Head of Acacia House – Miss Leigh Thomas
House Captain – Nicola DeFazio
Service Vice Captain – Ruby Pullich
Sport Vice Captain – Chryssa Dakin

House Grevillea

It doesn’t matter whether we have the best individual students, you have to have the best team. Whether we win or lose, we have unbelievable coherence and spirit. A winning spirit may face big challenges, but it draws on a source of inner strength more powerful than before; that’s why our motto is ‘From Strength to Strength’. We are bold and strong and willing to give it our best and if our best isn’t good enough, we try again; try not alone but as a team, a team that makes us proud to call ourselves Grevillea.

Head of Grevillea House – Mrs Stacey Curtin
House Captain – Piper Holtsbaum
Service Vice Captain – Giselle Brownlee-Smith
Sport Vice Captain – Sophia Briggs

House Tristania

Members of Tristania House have shown proud allegiance to the colour green, our totem of the green frog and our House motto of ‘Reach for the Stars’. This inspirational motto, together with stirring renditions of our House song, ‘Reach for the Stars’ and our energetic war cries, encourage all Tristanians to strive to achieve our very best in the many academic, sporting and cultural pursuits offered within the Junior School. The lyrics of our House song remind Tristanians that we should be there for each other, that we should follow our dreams and aim high in all that we do within our school and the wider community. We are proud to support the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in our fundraising efforts and happy to enjoy the friendly rivalry which exists between ourselves and the Junior School Houses. Kermit the Frog said, “It’s not easy being green” but we believe as loyal Tristanians that it most certainly is!

Head of Tristania House – Mrs Marina Jacovou-Johnson
House Captain – Bianca Uccellini
Service Vice Captain – Lily Cathcart
Sport Vice Captain – Sage Gallagher

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace