Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement

At St Hilda’s School we believe that every student is unique. Students have wide-ranging abilities, interests and learning styles.

The purpose of St Hilda’s Junior School Learning Enhancement is to elevate, enhance and extend students and to provide support to teachers and learners in all areas of development.

St Hilda’s Junior School advocates inclusive, engaging and differentiated instruction at a classroom level that scaffolds appropriate learning experiences for students with learning difficulties, disabilities and gifts/talents.

High quality early intervention is valued as the best pathway to improving outcomes for all students.

Intervention, when required, varies in accordance with the needs of individuals.  The Suite of Intervention offered includes:

MiniLit, TribotCup, MacqLit, Language Competitions, Gateways, ICAS, Da Vinci, Honours Class, Eisteddfods, Future Problem Solvers, Kids Lit Quiz, Readers Cup and EAL/D support and Social Skills Program,

A range of specialists are available for consultation and to complement the learning needs of our girls. Individual Education Plans are prepared and reviewed for students who meet the criteria for verification.

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