Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement

At St Hilda’s School we believe that every girl is unique, with a wide range of abilities, interests and learning styles. Classroom teachers differentiate their curriculum to cater for the specific needs of the students.

Our curriculum is complemented by a variety of targeted programs and co-curricular activities aimed at providing each student the opportunity to experience the joy of striving to reach her potential.

Learning Support

At St Hilda’s School we use a multi-disciplinary approach when identifying the special needs of students.

In the Junior school there are a number of avenues available to students who need additional support. These include:

  • Small group withdrawal for literacy and numeracy.
  • In class teacher and teacher aide support.
  • Reading programs including MiniLit.
  • Phonological awareness program.
  • After school Homework Help Club and Maths tutorials.
  • Individual Education Program for students who are eligible for special funding.

English Language Skills ( ESL )

English language skills support is provided in the forms of small group withdrawal lessons for new arrivals and in class support or monitoring according to each individual student’s needs.

Enrichment Programs

Students who excel in their academic subjects are catered for in extension and enrichment classes. They are also invited to participate in various events like G.A.T.E.ways days,  after school robotics and chess clubs, Da Vinci Decathlon and ICAS Competitions. All students in Year 3-6 participate in STEAM projects.

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