The Arts

The Arts

Visual Art

In Visual Art, we aim to develop student understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of art, craft and design. Students are taught techniques and develop skills that enable them to express themselves visually. They learn to make informed critical judgements, gain knowledge about visual communication and learn to respect one’s own expression and that of others.

In the Junior School we provide all students with continuous and sequential study in Visual Art through weekly specialist lessons. It is important to us that students understand how media, technique and process are used to create works of art and how to identify, analyse and select subject matter and ideas for personal expression. The artistic process teaches students to innovate, problem solve, think critically and work collaboratively with others.

In developing knowledge and skills in Visual Art, students will learn to manipulate and adapt a variety of materials and tools. These may include traditional materials such as paint, dyes, charcoal and ink, and contemporary or emerging materials such as digital media, sound, and sites. Students also learn to use the elements of art and principles of design to communicate ideas.

All girls from Pre-Prep to Year 6 have weekly Visual Art lessons in our Junior Art Centre with one of our Specialist Visual Arts Teachers – Mrs Karen Raison and Mrs Sally-Ann Nind. Our annual Create Festival provides opportunities for students to participate in workshops with visiting artists.


In the Drama classroom, the girls learn in, through and about Drama.

* In Drama students learn skills of working co-operatively in groups, sharing ideas and listening to the contributions of others. They learn to respect and support each other and through expressing their own ideas, develop confidence.

* Through Drama students explore some of the themes and topics they are learning about in class, making links with the work they are studying in subjects such as Humanities, English and Science.

* About Drama students experience Œstepping into someone else¹s shoes¹ and learn about developing acting skills such as using the voice and body expressively to play a range of characters, in a range of situations.

All girls from Years 2 to 6 have specialist Drama lessons in the Caedmon Centre. Students also have the opportunity of performing for an audience through involvement in events such as the Junior School Musical, Co-curricula Drama performances and Drama Clubs.

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