The Coding Institute

The Coding Institute

St Hilda’s Coding Institute: Inspiring and Challenging Young Girls to Code.

The Coding Institute is a way to ensure that all of our Junior School girls are learning how to code as part of our commitment to meet the Queensland Government’s initiative “Advancing Queensland – Coding Counts” as outline by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk. However, our vision goes way beyond this obligation.

Throughout their participation in The Coding Institute, our girls will work with a range of latest peripheral devices, gain an understanding of various coding applications and develop their proficiency with an industry recognised coding language, Swift.

Learning to code teaches our students about so much more than coding. It teaches them about persistence, about collaboration, about learning through failure, about managing large problems by breaking them up into smaller manageable pieces, it teaches our girls about sequencing and patterns in processes and exposes them to a world of opportunities for the future.

Why are we committed to coding?






The Coding Institute in Action

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