Languages News - August 2019

Languages News - August 2019

Languages News – August 2019

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Le Concours de Chanson et Poesie: Alliance Française May 2019

In May of this year, a number of Junior and Middle School students of French represented the school at the Alliance Francaise Song and Poetry competition. The students were required to memorise and recite either a song or a poem. The competition was held at All Saints Anglican School and included a number of schools on the Gold Coast. The presentations were compared with students from the Brisbane area and then overall winners were determined. There were a number of outstanding performances from the girls at St Hilda’s School.

Please see a summary of the main results below:

  • Year 3
    • 1st place Hana Truswell
    • 2nd place Cameron Arnold
  • Year 4
    • 2nd place Gypsy Sherratt
    • 3rd place Yve-Noelle Bollinger
  • Year 5
    • 2nd place Clementine Henderson
    • 3rd place Portia van Twest & Jasmine Hu
  • Year 6
    • 2nd place Sybella Antoine & Brooke Parkin
  • Year 7
    • 1st place Aileen Hu
    • 3rd place Dior Scholz
  • Year 8
    • 3rd place Xabby Dickinson


Well done also to seven students who were Highly Commended.

Once again, a wonderful performance from our Language students. We congratulate them all and thank Madame Ganet, Mr Shaw, Madame Benzenati and Mr Appelhof for inspiring and encouraging the girls to participate at such a high level in this competition.

MLTAQ Speech Competition Awards 2019

For the past month or so, Language students from Years 4 to 11 have written, memorised and presented their speeches to their teachers in preparation for the annual Modern Language Teachers Association of Queensland’s (MLTAQ) Speech Competition.

The event was held at Griffith University on Sunday 18 August and approximately 40 St Hilda’s students took part. There were over 1,300 students competing, representing a range of schools and languages across the Southeast region of Queensland.

A number of our girls attained places:


  • Year 7 – Dior Scholz and Aileen Hu (Highly Commended)
  • Year 6 – Brooke Parkin, 5th Place
  • Year 5 – Stephanie Chan (Highly Commended)
  • Year 4 – Yve-Noelle Bollinger and Vanessa Lee (Highly Commended)


  • Year 6 – Lily Jolly 5th place, Jasmine Situ and Olivia Williams (Highly Commended)
  • Year 7 – Mia Perkins, Flora Yang, Areeta Imrose, Audrey Kuk (Highly Commended)
  • Year 8 – Jordan Klos, Dayna Whiteley-Hall, Linda He (Highly Commended)
  • Year 9 – Ellen Im 1st place, Irene Im 3rd place, Caitlin Yeh and Samantha Hon (Highly Commended)
  • Year 10 – Atputha Rahavan 3rd place, Alice Feng (Highly Commended)
  • Year 11 – Mia Xie 2nd place, Miu Fujii (Highly Commended)

Yugambeh section – High School division       

  • Edi Licciardi 1st place
  • Anna Tian 2nd place

This was the first time that the Yugambeh Language has been represented at the MLTAQ Speech Competition. The students were required to memorise and present a passage whilst sitting around an electric campfire. The format was designed to mirror how the language and traditions of indigenous cultures were passed from generation to generation. The competition was judged by elders from the Yugambeh region.

The girls are to be congratulated for their efforts and results.

Chris Dunn
Head of Languages

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