Languages Speech Competition

Languages Speech Competition

Languages Speech Competition

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Annual MLTAQ and Griffith University, Gold Coast Languages Speech Competition

Last weekend more than 40 students from St Hilda’s School who participated in the French and Japanese sections of the annual Languages Speech Competition at Griffith University.

St Hilda’s School was represented by students from Year 4 through to Year 12.

As only the top students from each of the language classes in schools from the Gold Coast and Brisbane are selected to participate, it is a noteworthy achievement to have your efforts recognized and be involved in such a competition.

Please find this year’s results below:

Year 4             Bianca Ucellini 1st place, Dior Scholz 3rd place
Year 5             Chloe Lao 1st place, Xabby Dickinson 2nd place
Year 6              Zarli Dickinson 1st place
Year 8              Lucia McCarthy 2nd place
Year 10            Margot Castor

Highly Commended certificates were awarded to:
Summer Welch, Lucie Watts, Zara Leinster, Arabella-Rose Henderson, Bonnie Browning, Charlie Milligan, Edwina Thompson, Georgia Welch and Sienna Gardner.

Year 8              Brooke Murakami 3rd place
Year 9              Maxine Moore 2nd place
Year 11            Ellie Lee 1st place
Year 12            Katrina Sohn 2nd place

Senior High School State competition Ellie Lee 2nd place

Highly Commended certificates were awarded to the following students:
Zarli Dickinson, Remi Long, Annabelle Kitchin, Jasleen Bagga, Ella Fitzpatrick, Akanksha Mahajan, Natasha Buckler, Tina Zhang, Emily Lakis and Stephanie Grant.

The Languages team at St Hilda’s School is very happy with the girls for coming along to morning tea and lunchtime practices in the 2 weeks prior to the competition. The girls’ application, dedication and interest in the study of their second or third language can only assist them in becoming global citizens which will be an important and necessary part of their future lives.

As an indication of the quality of work that St Hilda’s School students present, a copy of Georgia Welch Year 9 french and Maxine Moore Year 9 Japanese Speech, are attached for your perusal.

Mr Chris Dunn
Head of Languages


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