Middle School News - 21 February 2018

Middle School News - 21 February 2018

Middle School News – 21 February 2018

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Life in the Middle School exposes students to a range of curriculum, community and co-curricular opportunities. Girls are encouraged to embrace all activities as an opportunity to expand their experiences, consolidating existing skills, discovering new passions, building networks and relationships. Integral to this philosophy, is the belief that learning should not be confined to just the classroom.

It has been a busy start to the term with the Year 9 Student Leadership Team organising activities for Non Nobis Solum week, encouraging girls to make connections with other each other and other year levels. With the aim of promoting the values of love, hope, grace, compassion and forgiveness, the girls created a banner, giving all students the opportunity to come together and express their thoughts. House Colour Day helped to build spirit and encouraged the girls to get involved through the combined House morning tea and lunch time team games. The girls continued with the Middle School tradition of cooking pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. At morning tea, the Student Council and Year Level Representatives served pancakes, which had been cooked by girls in their Hospitality classes, to the School community. Time spent together in organising these events not only encourages connections and communication, but also enables the girls to gain a sense of shared accomplishment.

The School has a vibrant House system which encourages positive relationships between students at different year levels through friendly competitions and activities. The Houses form part of each student’s identity and sense of belonging to our School. The House swimming competition is a wonderful way to help build a sense of community spirit. While the hot weather was a challenge, the girls’ loud cheers and encouragement provided motivation for the race participants. Congratulations to Melaleuca on a well-deserved win.

During Challenge Week, girls encounter choice and challenge. This highly-engaging experiential program encourages students to embrace opportunities aimed at developing their personal skills of resilience, communication, confidence, self-discipline and teamwork. Students are encouraged to think carefully about what they bring in addition to the gear on the requirements list; extra food and clothing takes up valuable space in a backpack. Importantly, there are several students with strict dietary requirements about whom we ask their peers to be mindful. Eating well, behaving thoughtfully, supporting one’s peers and staying safe are the key elements to having an enjoyable experience in these unique environments. On Monday 6 March, Year 9 will also take part in a workshop in preparation for their outdoor education experience at Kenilworth.

Girls are encouraged to take on leadership roles in areas where they have passion and purpose. They are asked to contribute their voice and their different perspectives in order to make a contribution to the Middle School community. We congratulate the following girls on their selection to the following positions.

The Sports Leaders: Amelya Brooks and Isabella Donovan

Student Council Representative:
Year 9: Vanessa Karabetsos and Lucie Webb
Year 8: Sofia Dakin and Madeline Smith
Year 7: Kate Worboys and Edi Licciardi

The House Leaders:
Banksia: Nyah Bollinger and Jemima Robertson
Karragaroo: Madeleine McClintock and Clementine Sweetland
Melaleuca: Katya Ewing and Ava Reynolds

House Representatives
Banksia: Year 7: Zoe Bennett; Year 8:  Anya Jayasakera
Karragaroo: Year 7: Olivia Walker; Year 8:  Remi Long
Melaleuca: Year 7: Vavara Litvinova; Year 8:  Zarli Dickinson

Year Level Representatives
Year 9: 9P Grace Crowther; 9O Kate Raff; 9H Isabella Nott; 9C Arrabella Oates; 9J Julia O’Grady and Harriett Richards;
Year 8:  8C – Jaye Radel, 8P – Zara Leinster, 8S – Ruby Dalgliesh, 8T – Charlie Brewster, 8Y – Sarah Rao
Year 7: 7S Summer Welsh; 7C Amelia Salmon; 7M Skye Hill, 7N Grace Champion, 7R Jemima Rice

Honour Guard: Bonnie Browning, Korcula Cowan, Victoria Hansen, Claire Hawley, Ceri Johnson, Lily Licciardi, Halle Mudimu, Kate Raff Savannah Wolbers

Academic Mentors: Xenia Dariush-Far, Hannah Parker, Atputha Rahavan, Tasha Sheppard, Catherine Zhang

Middle School Committees
Creative Connections – Grace Cowley, Alana Li, Isabella Nott, Vanessa Yuen
Cultural Connections – Daria Chernova, Tyeka Ferguson-O’Shea, Gurleen Randhawa, Billie Phillipps
Environment Committee – Isabella Briggs, Eve Deshon, Stephanie Korff, Harriett Richards, Diana Zonneveld
Media Group – Kate Hemming, Lauren Reid, Olivia Wright, Rylee Boyd

Susan Sanburg
Head of Middle School

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace