Middle School News - February 2020

Middle School News - February 2020

Middle School News – February 2020

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A very warm welcome to the start of a new and exciting academic year at St Hilda’s. The first week of school has been a lovely opportunity to reconnect with our girls and welcome new families into our Middle School community. I hope that families had a lovely break and are looking forward to a happy and rewarding year ahead.

Our new Year 7 girls have had an exciting start to their time in the Middle School with a range of students on hand to assist them with their transition into their new environment. Our student community has, in the true spirit of Non Nobis Solum, gone out of their way to assist those new to the school, with School Captain, Edwina Thomson, offering the following 7 tips for Year 7 girls:

  1. Keep organised – coming into Year 7, I had to amp this up big time! It is exceptionally important to stay on the ball in Middle School. This includes frequently checking your emails, using your organiser to keep on top of homework and co-curricular activities and making sure to bring anything necessary to the day (e.g. Sports uniform if you have PE).
  2. Involve yourself – this is where I’ve found the most joy at St Hilda’s. You get to meet new people, show your school spirit and most importantly have some fun! Whether it’s joining one of the summer fixture sporting teams, music ensembles or any of the other great groups within the school I promise it will help you settle into things…
  3. Be open to making new friends – This year you will find a lot of new girls joining your year level, so make sure to mingle, but also get to know girls across the year levels.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – This one is absolutely vital. If you’re unsure about something in or out of the classroom, it’s so important to speak up and ask.
  5. Sleep and eat well – It is so important that you are getting enough sleep to function in the morning, doing physical activity and eating healthy foods that will power you through these busy days!
  6. Find a good study space and routine – The workload this year is going to be harder than any year you have had before. With homework, always try to do it the night you get set it. For assignments and studying for tests, if you do a little bit each night it will save you the stress later on.
  7. Have fun! – This year will be packed with fun so make sure that you are leaving time to do that. Lunch time is such a great time to spend chatting, laughing and playing with your friends so make sure you enjoy the exceptional company around you.

Edwina’s tips provide great advice for all our girls, not just our new girls, to take on board and her efforts are a true mark of a St Hilda’s girl – one that is kind, caring and supportive of those around her.

In addition to the efforts of our girls, our pastoral care team has been working to help make the first week of term a positive one for the girls. Different initiatives have been implemented through our Orientation and THRIVE programs to help the girls settle into the new school year. One key area we have focused on in Middle School is the importance of a reset – getting back into familiar routines and having clear and visible procedures to help us start the year well. This visibility is promoted through our new look Student Organiser, which is designed to provide a greater bridge between home and school. As the year progresses, it would be lovely for us as a Middle School team – both at school and at home – to be familiar with the various elements of the Organiser so we are sharing a common language about School initiatives and programs.

We have a number of opportunities for our girls again this year. We encourage our students to contribute to school life through involvement in the varied extra-curricular activities available. These opportunities, as highlighted by Edwina in her advice to Year 7, help the girls develop passions, grow in skills and confidence and extend their friendships. We also have a number of key House events coming up this month, with the Swimming Carnival and So You Think You Can Dance and Sing (SYTYCDS) providing the girls with the chance to connect with a range of their peers and immerse themselves in school life.

In our first Middle School Assembly of the year I spoke to the girls about starting 2020 well and focusing on cultivating habits and behaviours that would assist them in having a wonderful year. These tips, largely wellbeing based, focused on establishing a break between study and sleep spaces, putting in measures to encourage restful sleep and seeking assistance from trusted adults when needed. Another key area discussed, and one that is supported by significant research, is the importance of charging devices, whether they be phones or laptops, in parents’ rooms or communal spaces, allowing the girls to have more effective sleep patterns without the distraction of devices. This is a practice we would love our families to get on board with, as they help promote better rest for our girls.

It was wonderful to see so many members of our community attend the Middle School Parent Information evening on Thursday 30, January. We appreciate that a number of parents, particularly Boarder parents, were unable to attend this event and the presentation will be available for families via St Hilda’s tube shortly.

Welcome, once again, to a new school year and I look forward to connecting with students and their families at the many school events throughout the year.

Sheri Upasiri
Head of Middle School 

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace