Middle School News - June 2019

Middle School News - June 2019

Middle School News – June 2019

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In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. Co-curricular experiences such as sport, music and drama encourage the development of self-esteem and confidence as well as teamwork and collaboration. The Middle School production of ‘Scrambled Eggs’ was spectacularly good fun, with some captivating characters and stand-out performances. The thought-provoking comedy involved students being given the task of looking after an ‘egg’ baby for a week. I congratulate all those involved from lighting, sound and backstage to actors and director; it was a most entertaining evening as well as being a wonderful learning experience for the girls.

Focus Weeks inspire and encourage girls to think about what action they can take to have a positive impact on the world. Students from 9C highlighted the need to show empathy for others by supporting the Smith Family; a charity who works with disadvantaged children and their families using education as a tool. Throughout the week the girls handed out red ribbons to raise awareness of their charity and organised different activities including a quote wall, a lunch time session on classic children books, a bake sale raising over $133 as well as collecting a large box of books for the Smith Family. By providing opportunities that challenge the girls to reach out to others, we hope to foster the development of confident, considerate and compassionate young women.

At the last Middle School Assembly the Year 9 Leadership team reflected on why National Reconciliation Week is important and how we can make a difference. They undertook an activity that highlighted core sentiments such as acceptance, understanding and connection by symbolically forming a representation of the Aboriginal flag. The girls sought to celebrate and honour Aboriginal culture and create a greater understanding within the Middle School community.

The Mother Daughter Luncheon at the Sheraton Mirage took on a new look this year with Middle School girls attending the event for the first time. It was wonderful to see so many girls in attendance with their mothers and grandmothers, making the most of the opportunity to spend time together. Hearing from past student, Jackie Ingram (1999) about her experiences in her chosen field of law, specializing in justice policy, was fascinating. Her stories inspired the girls to get involved and make the most of opportunities.

The Middle School encourages Year 8 students to be actively involved in the selection of their elective subjects. On Monday, 17 June a Talking Futures afternoon has been organised which includes a variety of opportunities for girls and parents to find out about subject selection for Year 9, 2020. An information session from 2.25 to 3.25pm will outline the subject selection process; this will be held in the Langford Theatre. From 3.30 to 4.30pm there will be a Subject Display and Careers Expo, in the JR Cafeteria, where girls and parents will have the opportunity to speak directly to the Heads of Faculty. This is an exciting opportunity as the girls get to make substantial decisions around the shape and focus of their learning, enabling them to pursue their interests, curiosities and passions. We urge parents to come along and take an active role in their daughter’s subject selection process.

It is wonderful to see so many girls wearing their School Uniform with pride. The colder weather has seen staff and students donning scarves and jumpers and appreciating any opportunity to keep warm via various activities. Fortunately, girls are regularly active, with HPE, sport, and co-curricular activities. However, some need reminding that the sports jacket is to be worn only with the sport uniform. To keep warm the girls are able to wear their School jumper as well as their blazer.

It is inevitable that belongings will be misplaced by students at various times during their school life. It is essential that all uniform items are clearly labelled with the current student’s name, as far too much time can be wasted dealing with unnamed or misnamed clothing. The support of parents is very important in this as it is impossible to distribute unnamed lost property.

At this time of term both staff and students may be feeling a little tired. Teenagers need plenty of sleep and should be getting between 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Research has shown that the use of bright screens at nighttime can suppress the release of melatonin which signals the body that it is night; when this signal is delayed it makes it more difficult to sleep. The importance of sleep cannot be underestimated as it is essential for their physical and mental wellbeing, including academic performance. The following are a few simple suggestions to help the girls to take care of themselves.

  • Stick to regular sleep and waking up times.
  • Make the bedroom a sleep haven – cool, dark and quiet.
  • Limit screen time 90 minutes before going to sleep.
  • Let in bright light in the morning to signal waking up time.
  • Exercise regularly.

Everybody needs downtime and the holidays provide an ideal opportunity to catch up with friends, to read that book you’ve been wanting to, to spend more time with family as well as resting and re-energising. I hope you all enjoy the three-week winter break.

Susan Sanburg
Head of Middle School

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